The department of Geological Survey was established in 1950 and is mandated to compile and provide geoscience data and information aimed at encouraging primarily the mineral sector and non-mining sector investment and undertake regional geo-science and geological resource mapping, and compile resulting quality products ready for publication in form of maps. The department also archives statutory reports submitted by mineral tenement holders and be the State repository of all geo-science data and further provide sound professional technical advice and services to the State and all other stake holders. It acquires and provide good quality geotechnical, geological geophysical, hydrogeological and hydrocarbon information for all users. 

Administration Unit
This Unit is responsible for the day to day running and coordination of the various Units in the department and support of related administrative that include training programs, staff as well as transport and infrastructure management. 

Regional Mapping Unit

The Regional mapping Unit of the Geological Survey Department regularly undertakes mapping activities at both regional and local level. The Unit has collected and prepared resource and planning-related mapping since 1950. Over the years, the Unit has acquired and developed a regional geographic information system of digital mapping that includes land use, soils, environmental corridors, and other spatial data essential to the planning process.

Economic Geology Unit

The Unit undertakes monitoring and inspection of mining rights areas in every province of Zambia including conducting mineral resource surveys and providing advisory services to small-scale miners. The unit also provides support to the Petroleum Technical Committee which sits at least four (4) times in a year.

Geophysics Unit

Geophysics is responsible for seismological data collection for monitoring seismic activities and geophysical exploration in Zambia. These activities are for the purpose of earthquake monitoring, exploration and geotechnical investigations. 

Hydrocarbon Unit 

The Hydrocarbon Unit is an establishment within the Geological Survey Department of the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development, with the core responsibility of effectively co-ordinating petroleum exploration activities in the Republic of Zambia. It is also instrumental in building institutional capacity in the management of petroleum and other exploration activities in the event that a commercial discovery is made.  

The establishment and functions of the Hydrocarbon Unit are outlined in the Petroleum (Exploration and production) Act, 2008. As provided in Part (12), Section (82), Subsection (1) of the Act, the Unit shall perform its functions so as to attain the objectives of the Petroleum Act. Some of the specific functions of the Hydrocarbon Unit include;

  • Implementing Government policy relating to the exploration for, and the development and production of, petroleum;
  • Providing advice to, and information required by, the Minister of Mines and Minerals Development;
  • Carry out preliminary seismic and geo-physical surveys for hydrocarbons;
  • Compile available seismic, aeromagnetic and geo-physical data into packages that would encourage detailed exploration activities; 
  • Promoting petroleum exploration activities; 
  • Monitor geological, geophysical and geo-chemical exploration activities including adherence to approved environmental management plans during petroleum exploration by holders of licences under the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act;
  • Receiving and processing bids and application for licences under the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act;

Technical Records Unit

The Technical Records Unit has three components namely Achieves, Library and Publication. The publication component is responsible for sales of geological and mineral occurrence maps and reports. Other functions of the Unit include production of geological and economic reports, occasional papers, memoirs and technical reports and digitized copies of geological maps.

Laboratories Unit

This Unit is composed of laboratories responsible for chemical-mineral analysis, gemological analysis, monitoring processing and export of minerals including mineralogical and petrological analysis of mineral materials. The Unit offers laboratory services to other units including the public.