Reference is made to the above subject matter.

The following mining and non-mining rights holders have not complied with the conditions of grant, in accordance with the provisions of the Mines and Minerals Development Act No.11 of 2015 read together with the Mines and Minerals Development (General) Regulations of 2016. In particular, the breaches are as follows:

  1. Failure to register a pegging certificate within one hundred and eighty (180) days of the grant of Artisan Mining Right contrary to Section 18(2) of the Mines and Minerals Development Act No. 11 of 2015, which attracts a fine of three hundred thousand penalty units translating to K90,000 in accordance with Section 108 of the Mines and Minerals Development Act no. 11 of 2015.
  2. Failure to pay outstanding area charges contrary to Section 77 of the Mines and Minerals Development Act No. 11 of 2015, which attracts a fine of five hundred thousand penalty units translating to K150,000 in accordance with Regulation 57(4) of the Mines and Minerals Development (General) Regulations of 2016.
  3. Failure to submit annual reports contrary to Regulation 51 of the Mines and Minerals Development (General) Regulations of 2016, which attracts a fine of three hundred thousand penalty units translating to K90,000 in accordance with Section 108 of the Mines and Minerals Development Act no. 11 of 2015
  4. Failure to submit future programme of mining operations report contrary to Regulation 52 of the Mines and Minerals Development (General) Regulations of 2016, which attracts a fine of three hundred thousand penalty units translating to K90,000 in accordance with Section 108 of the Mines and Minerals Development Act no. 11 of 2015
  5. Failure to submit monthly mineral production returns contrary to Regulation 50 of the Mines and Minerals Development (General) Regulations of 2016, which attracts a fine of three hundred thousand penalty units translating to K90,000 in accordance with Section 108 of the Mines and Minerals Development Act no. 11 of 2015.
  6. Failure to commence exploration, mining and mineral processing operations in line with approved programmes contrary to provisions of the Mines and Mineral Development Act No. 11 of 2025.

In view of the foregoing and in accordance with section 72(2) of the Mining and Minerals Development Act No. 11 of 2015, all underlisted mining and non-mining rights holders have been issued with default notices highlighting specific breaches committed. All holders are directed to show reasons why their license should not be revoked by the Mining Licensing Committee (MLC) within a period of thirty (30) days. Default notices should be collected at Mining Cadastre Department, Exploration House, Government Road, Ridgeway area in Lusaka.

Take this as an official notification.

Dr. Hapenga M. Kabeta

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development

1 23189-HQ-LEL Helmet Metal Limited
2 23765-HQ-LEL Kemose Mining Limited
3 24330-HQ-LEL Chita Lodge Limited (100%)
4 24352-HQ-LEL Cupriferious Resources Limited
5 24363-HQ-LEL Basic Stones Investments Limited
6 24364-HQ-LEL Basic Stones Investments Limited
7 24379-HQ-LEL Hamtopfre Mining Company Limited
8 24427-HQ-LEL Finise Mining Company Zambia Limited
9 24449-HQ-LEL Great Rift Resources Limited (100%)
10 24459-HQ-LEL Bishop Logistics and General Dealers Limited (100%)
11 24475-HQ-LEL Metro Mining Limted
12 24488-HQ-LEL Homely Logistics Limited
13 24525-HQ-LEL Goldenstone Investments Zambia Company Limited (100%)
14 24560-HQ-LEL Mufala Mining Limited
15 24566-HQ-LEL Mchanga Resources Limited
16 24671-HQ-LEL Infracore Limited
17 24682-HQ-LEL Freca Mining & Manufacturing Limited
18 24684-HQ-LEL Hunan Hong Yang Construction Enhineering Zambia Company Limited
19 24733-HQ-LEL Hunan Hong Yang Construction Enhineering Zambia Company Limited
20 24799-HQ-LEL Hunan Hong Yang Construction Enhineering Zambia Company Limited
21 24801-HQ-LEL Jordan Hill Enterprises Limited
22 24807-HQ-LEL Tasheni Mining and Engineering Solutions Limited (100%)
23 24817-HQ-LEL Donzam Investments Zambia Limited
24 24839-HQ-LEL Pule Gems Company Limited
25 24845-HQ-LEL Super Deal Investments Limited
26 24859-HQ-LEL GRN Mining Zambia Limited
27 24864-HQ-LEL SMARAGD Mining Company Limited
28 24865-HQ-LEL SMARAGD Mining Company Limited
29 24870-HQ-LEL Magna Mining Limited
30 24875-HQ-LEL League Of Legends Mining Zambia Limited
31 24933-HQ-LEL Hunan Hong Yang Construction Enhineering Zambia Company Limited
32 24956-HQ-LEL League Of Legends Mining Zambia Limited
33 24968-HQ-LEL Zammetal Resources Limited
34 25033-HQ-LEL Dayu Mining Limited
35 25034-HQ-LEL Gibson Power Systems Limited
36 25084-HQ-LEL Goldstone Investments Zambia Company Limited
37 25085-HQ-LEL Colwyn Limited
38 25111-HQ-LEL Huatong Mining Company Zambia Limited
39 25114-HQ-LEL SG Exim Limited (100%)
40 25115-HQ-LEL SG Exim Limited (100%)
41 25165-HQ-LEL Fexlink Enterprises Limited (100%)
42 25170-HQ-LEL Finaid Mining Solutions Limited
43 25203-HQ-LEL Tagmez Enterprises Limited
44 25381-HQ-LEL Framage Mining Limited
45 25470-HQ-LEL Magna Mining Limited
46 25506-HQ-LEL Magna Mining Limited
47 25620-HQ-LEL Interprochan Enterprises Limited
48 25693-HQ-LEL Ofia Investments Limited
49 25743-HQ-LEL Kiddies University Limited (100%)
50 25786-HQ-LEL Kiddies University Limited
51 25801-HQ-LEL Kiddies University Limited
52 25908-HQ-LEL Lxco Investments Company Limited (100%)
53 25992-HQ-LEL Kiddies University Limited
54 26481-HQ-LEL Amiel Partners Limited
55 26502-HQ-LEL Fertilizer Commodities (Z) Limited
56 26575-HQ-LEL Kavs Equipment Limited
57 26620-HQ-LEL Minestone Mineral Exploration and Development Limited
58 26708-HQ-LEL Amiel Partners Limited
59 26731-HQ-LEL E.P. Mining Limited
60 27121-HQ-LEL Winzan Mining Limited
61 27333-HQ-LEL Muchinga Mining Consortium Limited
62 27349-HQ-LEL Eastern Granites Limited
63 27374-HQ-LEL Dongchang Resources Limited
64 27420-HQ-LEL Charles Mwewa
65 27468-HQ-LEL Qinghai Mining Company Limited
66 27516-HQ-LEL Kingda Mining Limited
67 27778-HQ-LEL Malenkho General Dealers Limited
68 27779-HQ-LEL Dickson Ngosa Kasamata
69 27852-HQ-LEL Zambia International Trade and Investment Centre Limited
70 27953-HQ-LEL Sahara Mining and Resources Ltd (100%)
71 28287-HQ-LEL Goldenfly Investment Zambia Limited
72 28331-HQ-LEL Eagles Eye Transformation Limited
73 28433-HQ-LEL Uni-African Mining and Energy Corporation Limited
74 28723-HQ-LEL Salman mining Enterprises Limited
75 28832-HQ-LEL Zeopoint Resources Limited
76 28854-HQ-LEL Zam-Kirin Mining Limited
77 28861-HQ-LEL Tehila Milling Limited (100%)
78 28869-HQ-LEL Astro-Gem Industries Lilmited (100%)
79 28880-HQ-LEL Conflict Free Minerals Limited
80 28923-HQ-LEL Metalix Mining Limited
81 28924-HQ-LEL Metalix Mining Limited
82 28951-HQ-LEL Sunpeak Investments Limited
83 28971-HQ-LEL Metalix Mining Limited
84 28978-HQ-LEL Greenberry Logistics Limited
85 29007-HQ-LEL Satsim Mining Limited
86 29076-HQ-LEL Sunpeak Investments Limited
87 29089-HQ-LEL Zeopoint Resources Limited
88 29094-HQ-LEL Southern Royal Yields Mining Company Limited
89 29325-HQ-LEL Highland Mines and Minerals Limited
90 29387-HQ-LEL Frontier Generations Limited
91 29445-HQ-LEL Stock Gold Refining trading Limited
92 29474-HQ-LEL Coppersprings Minerals Limited
93 29522-HQ-LEL Achilles Mining Limited
94 29523-HQ-LEL Achilles Mining Limited
95 29524-HQ-LEL Achilles Mining Limited
96 29543-HQ-LEL Achilles Mining Limited
97 29655-HQ-LEL Minatas Resources Limited
98 29792-HQ-LEL Metalix Mining Limited
99 29825-HQ-LEL Mwepago Mineral Resources Limited
100 29974-HQ-LEL Prekas Company Limited
101 30011-HQ-LEL Kunigal Murthy Minerals limited
102 30130-HQ-LEL Elec- Mec Limited
103 30333-HQ-LEL Gulf Drilling Limited
104 30379-HQ-LEL Constantinou Menelaos Agathoklis Mining Company Limited
105 30407-HQ-LEL Ngucha Energy Corporation Limited
106 30477-HQ-LEL Saurashtra Mining and Exploration Limited
107 30480-HQ-LEL Constantinou Menelaos Agathoklis Mining Company Limited
108 30534-HQ-LEL Kingslight Minerals Limited
109 15651-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency (100%)
110 15777-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency (100%)
111 15975-HQ-SEL Alumando Joyce Kasulu (100%)
112 16316-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency (100%)
113 18344-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency (100%)
114 18347-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency (100%)
115 18692-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency (100%)
116 18693-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency (100%)
117 19238-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency (100%)
118 19256-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency (100%)
119 19731-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency (100%)
120 19828-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency (100%)
121 19905-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency (100%)
122 19983-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency (100%)
123 21760-HQ-SEL Roads Development Agency
124 22286-HQ-SEL Trovel distributors Limited
125 22685-HQ-SEL Vortexzam Import and Export Limited
126 22686-HQ-SEL Vortexzam Import and Export Limited
127 22905-HQ-SEL Frontier Generations Limited
128 23152-HQ-SEL Harvest Inn Limited
129 23244-HQ-SEL Huanbao Enterprise Limited
130 23336-HQ-SEL Breakthrough Resources Limited
131 23555-HQ-SEL Global Trading Limited (100%)
132 23617-HQ-SEL Namuswa Mineral Resources Limited
133 23645-HQ-SEL Samstone crushing limited
134 23718-HQ-SEL BCNet Mining Limited
135 23746-HQ-SEL Deacons Mines Limited
136 23824-HQ-SEL Lloyd’s Investments Limited
137 23853-HQ-SEL Lloyd’s Investments Limited
138 23929-HQ-SEL Zamrock Investment Limited
139 23962-HQ-SEL Jean Joice Innovations Limited
140 24008-HQ-SEL Mutokwa Transport Limited
141 24021-HQ-SEL Zedoma Mines Limited
142 24022-HQ-SEL Zedoma Mines Limited
143 24027-HQ-SEL Chozi Mining Limited
144 24028-HQ-SEL Chozi Mining Limited
145 24036-HQ-SEL Winter Libbohole Limited
146 24084-HQ-SEL Hazel Daniels International Limited
147 24120-HQ-SEL Jamhenry Mining Investments  Limited
148 24124-HQ-SEL Zamulimu Investments Limited
149 24125-HQ-SEL Zamulimu Investments Limited
150 24127-HQ-SEL Unik Ventures Limited
151 24128-HQ-SEL Unik Ventures Limited
152 24146-HQ-SEL Tinman Resources Limited
153 24156-HQ-SEL Metro Mining Limited
154 24160-HQ-SEL Que Investments Limited
155 24161-HQ-SEL Hemule Timber Enterprises Limited
156 24162-HQ-SEL Good Stone Mining Limited (100%)
157 24164-HQ-SEL Nelmor Estates and Contractors Limited
158 24165-HQ-SEL Caleli Investments Limited
159 24170-HQ-SEL Yosef Ventures Company Limited
160 24177-HQ-SEL Cupriferous Resources Limited
161 24184-HQ-SEL Jeff’s Farms and General Dealers Limited
162 24187-HQ-SEL Luwi Investments Limited
163 24189-HQ-SEL Unik Ventures Limited
164 24190-HQ-SEL Zamulimu Investments Limited
165 24192-HQ-SEL Star Choice Zambia Limited
166 24200-HQ-SEL Grand Osk Limited
167 24237-HQ-SEL Mpande Dome Prospecting Mines Limited
168 24238-HQ-SEL Mpande Dome Prospecting Mines Limited
169 24239-HQ-SEL Tinman Resources Limited
170 24240-HQ-SEL Bountiful Blessing Investments Limited
171 24252-HQ-SEL African Royal Mining Limited
172 24260-HQ-SEL Blue Beam Techniques Limited
173 24262-HQ-SEL Asbelow Mining & Business Consultancy Limited
174 24263-HQ-SE Hazel Daniels International Limited
175 24266-HQ-SEL Prango Investment Limited
176 24267-HQ-SEL Pansupa Group Limited
177 24269-HQ-SEL Aucu Mines Limited
178 24270-HQ-SEL Automedics (Z) Limited
179 24271-HQ-SEL Ray-E Construction Engineering Company Limited
180 24278-HQ-SEL Unik Ventures Limited
181 24280-HQ-SEL Hazel Daniels International Limited
182 24284-HQ-SEL Kampoko Resources Ltd (100%)
183 24285-HQ-SEL Kampoko Resources Ltd
184 24293-HQ-SEL Nangoma Mining Investments Limited (100%)
185 24298-HQ-SEL Unik Ventures Limited (100%)
186 24306-HQ-SEL Gramajo Mining Limited (100%)
187 24307-HQ-SEL Gramajo Mining Limited (100%)
188 24321-HQ-SEL Twin River Mineral Resources Limited (100%)
189 24334-HQ-SEL Ezed Mines Limited (100%)
190 24345-HQ-SEL Alpha Mining Limited (100%)
191 24346-HQ-SEL Alpha Mining Limited
192 24348-HQ-SEL Rubies Investment Limited
193 24353-HQ-SEL Tropical Land Investments Limited
194 24354-HQ-SEL Tropical Land Investments Limited
195 24375-HQ-SEL Zamkong Mining Corporation Limited
196 24390-HQ-SEL Kampoko Resources Ltd (100%)
197 24392-HQ-SEL Northeast Resources Limited (100%)
198 24399-HQ-SEL Agaba Enterprises Limited
199 24410-HQ-SEL Weightbridge Tech Africa Zambia Limited (100%)
200 24415-HQ-SEL Hazel Daniels International Limited (100%)
201 24442-HQ-SEL Mpongwe Quarries Limited (100%)
202 24455-HQ-SEL Ganitlines Zambia Limited (100%)
203 24462-HQ-SEL Metro Mining Limited
204 24463-HQ-SEL Star Choice Zambia Limited
205 24473-HQ-SEL Metro Mining Limited
206 24484-HQ-SEL Lotus Mining Limited
207 24497-HQ-SEL F-Net Zambia Limited
208 24507-HQ-SEL Supreme Galaxy Investments Limited
209 24508-HQ-SEL Supreme Galaxy Investments Limited
210 24512-HQ-SEL Glare Mining Limited
211 24521-HQ-SEL Niseph Enterprises Limited
212 24534-HQ-SEL Nesmuka Mine Limited
213 24540-HQ-SEL Zamulimu Investement Limited
214 24581-HQ-SEL Midlands Mineral Exploration Limited
215 24584-HQ-SEL Shaktishree Resources Limited
216 24586-HQ-SEL Advance and Grow Investments Limited
217 24587-HQ-SEL Advance and Grow Investments Limited
218 24594-HQ-SEL Zamulimu Investments Limited
219 24601-HQ-SEL GTD Mining Limited
220 24605-HQ-SEL Denama Mining Limited
221 24635-HQ-SEL Kom Tech Enterprise Limited
222 24661-HQ-SEL Kalwanyembe Mining Limited
223 24662-HQ-SEL Niseph Enterprises Limited
224 24702-HQ-SEL Wangke Manufacturing Company Limited
225 24724-HQ-SEL Mukepa Explosives Investments Limited
226 24727-HQ-SEL Navitas Enterprises Limited
227 24736-HQ-SEL Kampoko Resources Ltd
228 24744-HQ-SEL Worthymore Investment Holdings Limited
229 24768-HQ-SEL Lijing Industry Company Limited
230 24777-HQ-SEL African Royal Mining Limited (100%)
231 24782-HQ-SEL Metro Mining Limited (100%)
232 24796-HQ-SEL Run Peng Mining Limited
233 24797-HQ-SEL Run Peng Mining Limited
234 24810-HQ-SEL Twin River Mineral Resources Limited
235 24825-HQ-SEL Smartgreen Solutions Limited
236 24826-HQ-SEL Rockerfield Corporation Limited
237 24847-HQ-SEL Nordic Mineral Traders Limited
238 24848-HQ-SEL Nordic Mineral Traders Limited
239 24861-HQ-SEL Futurebright Resources Limited
240 24880-HQ-SEL Kaputa Resources Limited
241 24884-HQ-SEL Run Peng Mining Limited
242 24885-HQ-SEL Feida Investments Limited
243 24890-HQ-SEL Kucimfya Mines Zambia Limited
244 24900-HQ-SEL Smartgreen Solutions Limited
245 24901-HQ-SEL Smartgreen Solutions Limited
246 24905-HQ-SEL Tinman Resources Limited
247 24920-HQ-SEL Hunters Cove Investments Limited
248 24922-HQ-SEL Di-Ventures Minerals Limited (100%)
249 24941-HQ-SEL Kaluano Mining Limited (100%)
250 24944-HQ-SEL Honorable Agencies Limited
251 24947-HQ-SEL Star Choice Zambia Limited
252 24951-HQ-SEL Broken Hill Marketing Limited (100%)
253 24957-HQ-SEL Northeast Resources Limited
254 24959-HQ-SEL Trans Luangwa Corporation Limited
255 24964-HQ-SEL Frontline Mineral Resources Limited
256 24996-HQ-SEL Huo Yan Investment Limited (100%)
257 24998-HQ-SEL Adept Services Zambia Limited
258 25005-HQ-SEL Uniturtle Industries Zambia Limited
259 25013-HQ-SEL Gemlight Mining Limited
260 25029-HQ-SEL Kaluano Mining Limited
261 25047-HQ-SEL African Royal Mining Limited
262 25049-HQ-SEL African Royal Mining Limited
263 25076-HQ-SEL Lwenga Mining Company Limited
264 25082-HQ-SEL Pak Enterprises Zambia Limited
265 25095-HQ-SEL CMC Worldwide Mining Consultants Zambia Limited
266 25104-HQ-SEL Umhlaba Zambia Limited
267 25113-HQ-SEL SG Exim Limited (100%)
268 25116-HQ-SEL SG Exim Limited
269 25118-HQ-SEL Fortitude Zambia Limited
270 25120-HQ-SEL Tazmeg Enterprises Limited
271 25128-HQ-SEL Chifwala Mabula Small Mines Company Limited
272 25138-HQ-SEL Metro Mining Limited (100%)
273 25140-HQ-SEL B.G Saka Logistics Limited
274 25142-HQ-SEL Fortumax Limited
275 25143-HQ-SEL B.G Saka Logistics Limited
276 25146-HQ-SEL Chapman Macdonald Mines Limited (100%)
277 25153-HQ-SEL Metro Mining Limited (100%)
278 25154-HQ-SEL Fortumax Limited
279 25155-HQ-SEL Lewits Enterprises Limited
280 25160-HQ-SEL Kenlen Minerals Limited (100%)
281 25172-HQ-SEL Fortumax Limited
282 25173-HQ-SEL Gramajo Mining Limited
283 25174-HQ-SEL Gramajo Mining Limited
284 25178-HQ-SEL B.G Saka Logistics Limited
285 25179-HQ-SEL Gramajo Mining Limited
286 25185-HQ-SEL Northeast Resources Limited (100%)
287 25190-HQ-SEL M & N Industrial Merchants Limited
288 25206-HQ-SEL Estal Pride Limited
289 25233-HQ-SEL Ming De Yu Yang Mining Company Limited
290 25240-HQ-SEL Royal Carats Gems Limited
291 25305-HQ-SEL Fortumax Limited
292 25328-HQ-SEL M and N Industrial Merchants Limited (100%)
293 25330-HQ-SEL Royal Carats Gems Limited
294 25340-HQ-SEL Liuwa Minerals Limited
295 25355-HQ-SEL Breakthrough Resources Limited
296 25365-HQ-SEL Magna Mining Limited
297 25379-HQ-SEL Blackpan Construction Limited
298 25387-HQ-SEL Roseberry Stone & Tile Limited
299 25401-HQ-SEL Hounslow Investments Zambia Limited
300 25404-HQ-SEL Hounslow Investments Zambia Limited
301 25405-HQ-SEL Hounslow Investments Zambia Limited
302 25420-HQ-SEL Hounslow Investments Zambia Limited
303 25447-HQ-SEL Luwi Investments Limited
304 25448-HQ-SEL Luwi Investments Limited
305 25461-HQ-SEL Mingi Minerals Limited
306 25504-HQ-SEL Metro Mining Limited
307 25505-HQ-SEL Metro Mining Limited
308 25507-HQ-SEL Kapita Minerals Limited
309 25508-HQ-SEL Kapita Minerals Limited
310 25509-HQ-SEL Nkanza Resources Limited
311 25510-HQ-SEL Hounslow Investments Zambia Limited (100%)
312 25511-HQ-SEL Hounslow Investments Zambia Limited (100%)
313 25533-HQ-SEL MMK Resources Limited
314 25566-HQ-SEL Hounslow Investments Zambia Limited
315 25567-HQ-SEL Hounslow Investments Zambia Limited
316 25598-HQ-SEL Hounslow Investments Zambia Limited
317 25601-HQ-SEL Hounslow Investments Zambia Limited
318 25602-HQ-SEL Hounslow Investments Zambia Limited
319 25638-HQ-SEL Leveka Mining Ltd (100%)
320 25644-HQ-SEL Fortumax Limited (100%)
321 25663-HQ-SEL Hounslow Investments Zambia Limited
322 25666-HQ-SEL Chesako Mining Limited (100%)
323 25686-HQ-SEL Interprochan Enterprises Limited
324 25706-HQ-SEL Supix Minerals Limited
325 25737-HQ-SEL Mabula Mining Company Limited
326 25738-HQ-SEL Mabula Mining Company Limited
327 25739-HQ-SEL Mabula Mining Company Limited
328 25768-HQ-SEL Lotuno Enterprises Limited
329 25813-HQ-SEL Oval Mining Limited (100%)
330 25880-HQ-SEL Casa Grande Construction Limited (100%)
331 25905-HQ-SEL Minerox Resources Limited (100%)
332 25916-HQ-SEL Minerox Resources Limited
333 25951-HQ-SEL Kebiola Limited
334 26011-HQ-SEL Amiel Partners Limited
335 26017-HQ-SEL Copperzam Limited
336 26059-HQ-SEL Calustone Mining Limited (100%)
337 26326-HQ-SEL Mpaso Mining Company Ltd
338 26362-HQ-SEL KATM Zambia Zambia
339 26377-HQ-SEL Amiel Partners Limited
340 26464-HQ-SEL Amiel Partners Limited
341 26467-HQ-SEL Epotuchili Mining & Supply Limited
342 26558-HQ-SEL Alpine Prperties Limited
343 26640-HQ-SEL Junza Limited
344 26641-HQ-SEL Junza Limited
345 26686-HQ-SEL Mulungushi Corporation Limited
346 26699-HQ-SEL Millenium Business systems Ltd
347 26717-HQ-SEL Kasempa Copper Mines Zambia Limited
348 26718-HQ-SEL Kasempa Copper Mines Zambia Limited
349 26864-HQ-SEL Kavar Engineering Zambia Limited
350 26873-HQ-SEL Casa Grande Construction Limited
351 26941-HQ-SEL Asbelow Mining & Business Consultancy Limited
352 26998-HQ-SEL Minatas Resources Limited
353 27000-HQ-SEL Golden Nuggets Investments Limited
354 27138-HQ-SEL Building Links Limited @ Integrated Farming Systems
355 27220-HQ-SEL Goldstone Investments Zambia Company Limited
356 27239-HQ-SEL Katiso Resources Limited
357 27240-HQ-SEL Katiso Resources Limited
358 27291-HQ-SEL Brimamwa Mining and Explorations Limited
359 27354-HQ-SEL Jambo Outdoors Limited (100%)
360 27359-HQ-SEL Milyashi Mineral Resources Limited
361 27388-HQ-SEL Treasures of Wealth Mining Limited
362 27485-HQ-SEL Portking Investments Limited
363 27486-HQ-SEL Portking Investments Limited
364 27535-HQ-SEL Eland Investments Limited
365 27540-HQ-SEL Portking Investments Limited
366 27556-HQ-SEL Tikumbe Tonse Investments Limited
367 27571-HQ-SEL Winzan Mining Limited
368 27596-HQ-SEL Ifisuma Tafisa Bwangu Mining Company Ltd (100%)
369 27602-HQ-SEL House of Minerals Limited
370 27630-HQ-SEL Tikumbe Tonse Investments Limited (100%)
371 27640-HQ-SEL Golden Nuggets Investments Limited
372 27664-HQ-SEL Sulphur Creek Resources Limited
373 27672-HQ-SEL Goldburg Logistics and Mining Limited
374 27688-HQ-SEL Louis Mining Company Limited
375 27696-HQ-SEL Momentsky Company Limited
376 27697-HQ-SEL Momentsky Company Limited
377 27698-HQ-SEL Giemme Zambia Limited
378 27699-HQ-SEL Giemme Zambia Limited
379 27704-HQ-SEL Kamonu Exploration and Mining Limited
380 27705-HQ-SEL Kamonu Exploration and Mining Limited
381 27710-HQ-SEL Louis Mining Company Limited
382 27718-HQ-SEL Engco Civils Limited
383 27747-HQ-SEL Kudikwasha Construction & General Dealers Limited
384 27756-HQ-SEL House of Minerals Limited
385 27785-HQ-SEL Lumuno Enterprises Limited
386 27793-HQ-SEL Statunga Investments Limited
387 27806-HQ-SEL Vista Cotlands Consultants Limited
388 27814-HQ-SEL Senke Mining Limited
389 27865-HQ-SEL Lumuno Enterprises Limited
390 27907-HQ-SEL Nobefuture Zambia Limited
391 27916-HQ-SEL Kamonayi Investment Limited
392 27940-HQ-SEL Upendo Resources Limited
393 27942-HQ-SEL Baza Resources Limited
394 27952-HQ-SEL Sahara Mining and Resources Ltd (100%)
395 27963-HQ-SEL Mother Land Resources Limited
396 27975-HQ-SEL Gil Chilobe Mining Company Zambia Limited
397 27990-HQ-SEL Sunrain Purified Construction Limited (100%)
398 28047-HQ-SEL Klein Way Trading Limited
399 28058-HQ-SEL Green Orange Mining Limited
400 28064-HQ-SEL Emeraldsource Mining Limited
401 28091-HQ-SEL Emeraldsource Mining Limited
402 28096-HQ-SEL Amizo Power Engineers Limited
403 28105-HQ-SEL Zametal Corporation Limited
404 28109-HQ-SEL Barekat Zambia Limited (100%)
405 28110-HQ-SEL Zametal Corporation Limited
406 28168-HQ-SEL Kilajits Engineering & Logistics Zambia Limited
407 28196-HQ-SEL Rajeshwari Resources Limited
408 28202-HQ-SEL Giemme Zambia Limited
409 28219-HQ-SEL Rajeshwari Resources Limited
410 28233-HQ-SEL Istone Minerals Limited
411 28239-HQ-SEL Grasam General Dealers Limited (100%)
412 28251-HQ-SEL Grhhin Mine Limited
413 28286-HQ-SEL Isulu Mining Comapany Limited
414 28300-HQ-SEL Xtract Mines and Mineral Resources Limited
415 28315-HQ-SEL Rajeshwari Resources Limited
416 28343-HQ-SEL Zam-Kirin Mining Limited
417 28368-HQ-SEL Vista Cotlands Consultants Limited
418 28382-HQ-SEL Mwala Crushing Limited
419 28391-HQ-SEL Grasam General Dealers Limited
420 28464-HQ-SEL Blue Ocean Minerals and Metals Limited (100%)
421 28468-HQ-SEL Treasures of Wealth Mining Limited
422 28511-HQ-SEL Mulangi Investments Limited (100%)
423 28512-HQ-SEL Mulangi Investments Limited (100%)
424 28538-HQ-SEL IBAS Trades Limited
425 28565-HQ-SEL Asbelow Mining & Business Consultancy Limited
426 28597-HQ-SEL Kajila Mabembe Mining Limited
427 28601-HQ-SEL Global Dynamics Mining Limited
428 28724-HQ-SEL Masuku Copper Development Limited
429 28798-HQ-SEL Doriffa Investment Import and Export Limited (100%)
430 28810-HQ-SEL Highland Mines and Minerals Limited
431 28822-HQ-SEL Chichele Mining Limited (100%)
432 28829-HQ-SEL Myala City Company Limited
433 28848-HQ-SEL Green Orange Mining Limited (100%)
434 28859-HQ-SEL Vedas Investment Limited (100%)
435 28872-HQ-SEL Broken Hill Marketing Limited
436 28874-HQ-SEL Now Import and Export Zambia Limited
437 28973-HQ-SEL Emmest Mining Limited
438 28980-HQ-SEL Grand Osk Limited
439 29001-HQ-SEL Jinhui Minerals Limited
440 29006-HQ-SEL Nicho Cargo Services Limited
441 29031-HQ-SEL Marsapunda Mining Company Limited (100%)
442 29130-HQ-SEL Munsongo’s Five Investments Limited
443 29137-HQ-SEL Jinhui Minerals Limited
444 29144-HQ-SEL Kasimure Enterprises Limited
445 29209-HQ-SEL Pricems Mining & Trading Limited
446 29214-HQ-SEL Zomsampa Holdings Limited (100%)
447 29227-HQ-SEL Pioneer Resources Limited
448 29237-HQ-SEL Sabi Lodges and Adventures Limited (100%)
449 29307-HQ-SEL Bentorial Enterprises Limited
450 29315-HQ-SEL Partners Group Limited
451 29366-HQ-SEL Chona Mining Company Limited
452 29369-HQ-SEL SGL Investment Limited
453 29372-HQ-SEL Amaloba Mining Resources Limited
454 29400-HQ-SEL Millenium Business Systems Limited
455 29428-HQ-SEL Anchor Resources Limited
456 29452-HQ-SEL Mlima Mining Investment Limited
457 29454-HQ-SEL JFS Resources Limited
458 29467-HQ-SEL Century Metals and Mining Limited
459 29539-HQ-SEL Jamboree Investments Limited
460 29585-HQ-SEL Sezic Resources Limited
461 29637-HQ-SEL Mafota Minerals and Mines Limited (100%)
462 29667-HQ-SEL Sahan Import and Exports Limited
463 29675-HQ-SEL Batizateck Youth Investments Limited
464 29730-HQ-SEL Vanisa Mining Limited (100%)
465 29767-HQ-SEL Maxping Mining Limited
466 29787-HQ-SEL LA Tashen Limited
467 29808-HQ-SEL Alcor International Limited
468 29809-HQ-SEL Sinseong Development Company Limited
469 29901-HQ-SEL Coin Edge Solutions Limited
470 29912-HQ-SEL Bubala Mining and Construction Limited
471 30002-HQ-SEL Greenvelt Mining Limited
472 30008-HQ-SEL Athena Investments Limited
473 30025-HQ-SEL Jemuna Logistics Limited
474 30034-HQ-SEL Wellma Enterprises Limited
475 30036-HQ-SEL Sanditoria Holdings Limited
476 30065-HQ-SEL Motomine Zambia Limited
477 30066-HQ-SEL Motomine Zambia Limited
478 30091-HQ-SEL Haoyang Resources Limited
479 30103-HQ-SEL Attarah Resources Limited
480 30108-HQ-SEL Gesham Limited (100%)
481 30114-HQ-SEL Kasonta Resources Limited
482 30123-HQ-SEL Tiana Tia Manufacturing Zambia Limited
483 30127-HQ-SEL Grey Copper Mining Limited
484 30139-HQ-SEL Denny Nyoni Enterprise Limited (100%)
485 30142-HQ-SEL Denny Nyoni Enterprise Limited (100%)
486 30174-HQ-SEL Pensulo Ferro Alloys Limited
487 30195-HQ-SEL Onesimus Logistics and Industrial Limited
488 30206-HQ-SEL Lisko Logistics Limited
489 30219-HQ-SEL Mwema Mining Investment Limited
490 30225-HQ-SEL AMS  Commodities Limited
491 30231-HQ-SEL Jordan Fresh Farms Limited
492 30234-HQ-SEL Associated Minerals and Mining Limited (100%)
493 30235-HQ-SEL Associated Minerals and Mining Limited (100%)
494 30248-HQ-SEL Chrinikap Industrial  Supplies Limited
495 30254-HQ-SEL Santa Maria Quarry Mining Limited
496 30273-HQ-SEL Sofitel Investments Limited
497 30319-HQ-SEL Mz Mundawanga Minerals Limited (100%)
498 30337-HQ-SEL Jontho Mining Investments Limited
499 30354-HQ-SEL Red Copper Resources Limited
500 30357-HQ-SEL Red Copper Resources Limited
501 30412-HQ-SEL Abracha Zambia Limited (100%)
502 30433-HQ-SEL Childale Investments Limited (100%)
503 30437-HQ-SEL Abracha Zambia Limited
504 30484-HQ-SEL Frichyl General Dealers Limited
505 30501-HQ-SEL Kucha Mining and Exploration Limited
506 30503-HQ-SEL Galileo Mining Limited
507 30507-HQ-SEL Tradeco Mineral Resources Limited
508 30514-HQ-SEL Achope Investment Limited (100%)
509 30561-HQ-SEL Ganitlines Zambia Limited (100%)
510 30568-HQ-SEL Fountain Port Limited
511 30593-HQ-SEL Arthuros Import & Export Limited
512 30616-HQ-SEL Mondola Mining Resources Limited
513 30639-HQ-SEL Highway Industries Limited
514 30675-HQ-SEL Golden Valley Investment Limited
515 30676-HQ-SEL Hillsdock Investments Limited
516 30699-HQ-SEL Toraw Exploration Mining Limited
517 30722-HQ-SEL Quest Mining Limited
518 30728-HQ-SEL Mugla Mining Investment Zambia Limited
519 30763-HQ-SEL Hillsdock Investments Limited
520 30772-HQ-SEL Mugla Mining Investment Zambia Limited
521 30818-HQ-SEL Bonita Logistics Limited
522 30830-HQ-SEL Chamin General Suppliers Limited
523 30832-HQ-SEL Bonum Investments Limited
524 30844-HQ-SEL Unji Mining Limited
525 30866-HQ-SEL Lupande Investements Limited
526 30880-HQ-SEL Chomuli Investements Limited
527 30889-HQ-SEL Summit Minerals Limited
528 30897-HQ-SEL Freshpoint Mining Enterprises & General Suppliers Limited
529 30905-HQ-SEL Saraph Investment Limited
530 30915-HQ-SEL Chamin General Suppliers Limited
531 30928-HQ-SEL Mariana N. P. Enterprises Limited
532 30941-HQ-SEL Sunset Freight Limited
533 30955-HQ-SEL Nswachu Resources Limited
534 30961-HQ-SEL Pusaca Investements Limited (100%)
535 30972-HQ-SEL Mulemwaps Ventures Limited
536 30973-HQ-SEL Mulemwaps Ventures Limited
537 30976-HQ-SEL Satellite Mining Company LTD
538 30983-HQ-SEL Yang Mining Company Limited
539 30988-HQ-SEL Nswachu Resources Limited
540 30989-HQ-SEL Kanfield Limited
541 30999-HQ-SEL Switty Properties & Real Estate Limited (100%)
    542             14666-HQ-LML Safearth Mining Limited
    543             20501-HQ-LML Ndola Quarries Limited
    544             21816-HQ-LML Mimbula Minerals Limited
    545             25014-HQ-LML African Power Coal Limited
    546             27689-HQ-LML Chillerton Group Limited
    547             28210-HQ-LML Chillerton Group Limited
548 28211-HQ-LML Chillerton Group Limited
549 28212-HQ-LML Chillerton Group Limited
550 8245-HQ-LML Changfa Resources Limited
551 8403-HQ-LML Chambishi Copper Smelter Limited
552 8611-HQ-LML Kabwe Kapumpe Mine Limited
553 12617-HQ-LML Jin Ding Mining Limited
554 14532-HQ-LML Grizzly Mining Limited
555 15071-HQ-LML Zamgem International Limited
556 18153-HQ-LML Sino-Metals Leach Zambia Limited
557 18659-HQ-LML Sino-Kasempa Minerals Limited
558 19011-HQ-LML C-Ore Industries Limited
559 19255-HQ-LML Jagoda Tourmaline Extraction Limited
560 20282-HQ-LML Sinozoncha Resources Investment Company (Z) Ltd
561 20405-HQ-LML Collum Coal Mining Industries Limited
562 20813-HQ-SML Thabenzi General Delears
563 22025-HQ-LML Changzhou Zambia Resources Company Limited
564 22824-HQ-LML Star Tanganika Limited; Star Tanganyika Limited
565 23751-HQ-LML Chipunastone Investment Limited
566 23989-HQ-LML Pendwe Mining Company Limited
567 26238-HQ-LML Sinomine Resource Geological Engineering Company Limited
568 29059-HQ-LML Geomin Coal Energy Limited
569 30592-HQ-LML Kuma Investment Company Limited
570 31093-HQ-LML Zambian Weiye Limited
571 31260-HQ-LML Freca Mining & Manufacturing Limited
572 20943-HQ-MPL Orezone Mining and Exploration Limited
573 21957-HQ-MPL Samrock Mining Limited
574 22031-HQ-MPL Junsheng Industry Company Limited
575 22825-HQ-MPL Advantex Investments Limited
576 23711-HQ-MPL Champion Minerals Limited
577 25099-HQ-MPL Rong Xing Investments Limited
578 25427-HQ-MPL United Alloys (Z) Limited
579 25646-HQ-MPL Union Star Industry Limited
580 27408-HQ-MPL Dashun Industry Company Limited
581 27563-HQ-MPL Consolidated Gold Company of Zambia Limited
582 27995-HQ-MPL Novel Ferro Alloys Limited
583 28067-HQ-MPL Bhavesh Overseas Zambia Limited
584 28593-HQ-MPL Jiuda Investment Limited
585 29172-HQ-MPL Aman Processing Zambia Limited
586 29892-HQ-MPL DAS Oversees Limited
587 30267-HQ-MPL Sezic Resources Limited
588 30744-HQ-MPL Maosheng Mineral Resources Zambia Limited
589 33189-HQ-MPL Alnajah Investments Limited
590 8514-HQ-SML Mimbula Minerals Limited
591 17950-HQ-SML Zamastone Ltd
592 18582-HQ-SML Gracegem Mining Limited
593 19127-HQ-SML Gracegem Mining Limited
594 19141-HQ-SML Gracegem Mining Limited
595 19932-HQ-SML Kyulu Development Trust
596 26671-HQ-SML Blue Ocean Minerals and Metals Limited
597 28521-HQ-SML Eland Investments Limited
598 86-HQ-SML Kariba Minerals Limited
599 7017-HQ-SML Mwali Mining Company Limited
600 07019-HQ-SML Mitondo Mining Company Limited
601 7024-HQ-SML Kronos Limited
602 7028-HQ-SML Dharti Mining Limited
603 7041-HQ-SML Mindeco Small Mines Limited
604 7080-HQ-SML M.A.C General Dealers Limited
605 7081-HQ-SML Enviro Processing Limited
606 7087-HQ-SML Tubombeshe Mining Limited
607 7093-HQ-SML Sitonia Limited
608 7123-HQ-SML Twampane Mining Cooperative Society Limited
609 7164-HQ-SML Jace Enterprises Limited
610 7200-HQ-SML Marlex Mining Investments Limited
611 07211-HQ-SML Makali Enterprises Limited
612 7214-HQ-SML Chikana Mining Limited
613 7235-HQ-SML Yu Wang Ping (0%)
614 7279-HQ-SML Emmanuel and Joseph Scrap Metal Co. Ltd.
615 07295-HQ-SML Alumbwe Emerald Mines Limited
616 7297-HQ-SML Nonde Munkanta
617 7314-HQ-SML Crushed Stone Sales Limited
618 7339-HQ-SML Musi Gems Limited
619 7342-HQ-SML Firestone Mining Limited
620 7351-HQ-SML Santas Mining Limited
621 7443-HQ-SML Nachingwali Enterprises Limited
622 7475-HQ-SML Gabmans Limited
623 7510-HQ-SML Twandi Limited
624 07522-HQ-SML Chitabinda Gems Company Limited
625 7526-HQ-SML Phoenix Materials Limited
626 7537-HQ-SML W.J.W Construction Limited
627 7542-HQ-SML Jalusi Investments Limited
628 7554-HQ-SML Gabmans Limited
629 7639-HQ-SML Gramiraj Investments Ltd
630 07656-HQ-SML Magoye Mining Company Limited
631 7664-HQ-SML Al Khazana Mining Company Limited
632 7713-HQ-SML Tongyi Lead and zinc Mining Zambia Limited
633 7715-HQ-SML Hi- Qualime Mining Limited
634 7724-HQ-SML Roads Development Agency
635 7729-HQ-SML United Quarries Limited
636 7744-HQ-SML Eastern Quarry Limited
637 7765-HQ-SML Shultz Mining Limited
638 7780-HQ-SML Chavuma Mining Cooperative Limited
639 7781-HQ-SML United Gypsum Investment Limited
640 7793-HQ-SML Good Hope Mining Company Limited
641 7799-HQ-SML Hume Stone Limited
642 7838-HQ-SML Tanzania Zambia Railways Authority
643 7950-HQ-SML Kankule Mining and Engineering Limited
644 7966-HQ-SML Chalala Mine Company Limited
645 7984-HQ-SML H and K Investments Limited
646 8000-HQ-SML Lusinde Investments Limited
647 8043-HQ-SML Mutelo Sipaka
648 8049-HQ-SML Prime Marble Products
649 8051-HQ-SML Prime Marble Ltd
650 8067-HQ-SML ZAKOR Metals Ltd
651 8081-HQ-SML Kaindulaki Gemstone Mining Limited
652 8212-HQ-SML Zambezi Natural Stone Company Limited
653 8219-HQ-SML Kasemba Mining Ltd
654 8248-HQ-SML Zamsort Limited
655 8256-HQ-SML Omei Investments Limited
656 8339-HQ-SML Bilole Investments Limited
657 8440-HQ-SML Moxico Resources Zambia Limited
658 8449-HQ-SML Musamani Minerals and Agric. Limited
660 8523-HQ-SML Pochy Mining Ltd
661 8530-HQ-SML Lusaka Soap Industries Limited
662 8541-HQ-SML Pochy Mining Ltd
663 8552-HQ-SML Dickson Sinyangwe
664 8576-HQ-SML Status Mineral Exploration Limited
665 8609-HQ-SML Betele Small Miners Limited
666 8623-HQ-SML Ndongo Enterprises Limited
667 8720-HQ-SML Ragha R. Shailendra
668 8723-HQ-SML Sensele Enterprises Limited
669 8759-HQ-SML Mupangarwa Copper Mines
670 11307-HQ-SML
671 12233-HQ-SML Hachi Trading Limited
672 12246-HQ-SML SDM Investments Limited
673 12658-HQ-SML Gunty Enterprises Limited
674 12710-HQ-SML Pridegems Mines Limited
675 12865-HQ-SML Mapompo Investements Limited
676 13031-HQ-SML Wise Focus Mining Limited
677 13219-HQ-SML Chrispar Mines Limited
678 13334-HQ-SML Magnum Resources Limited
679 13427-HQ-SML Irchi Investment Limited
680 13554-HQ-SML Autogalaxy Associates Limited
681 13762-HQ-SML Universal Minerals Limited
682 13763-HQ-SML Ndashi W. Chitalu
683 13913-HQ-SML LM Kristals Limited
684 14230-HQ-SML Zamex Refineries Ltd
685 14406-HQ-SML Millenium Business systems Ltd
686 14441-HQ-SML Gabmans Limited
687 14442-HQ-SML Gabmans Limited
688 14473-HQ-SML Almighty Mines and Minerals Limited
689 14548-HQ-SML Golden Chibeka
690 14573-HQ-SML Gramiraj Investments Ltd
691 14594-HQ-SML Musi Gems Limited
692 14683-HQ-SML Richard Saiti Kambulu
693 14837-HQ-SML Mathkat General Dealers Limited
695 14844-HQ-SML Aura Mines Limited
696 15062-HQ-SML Pishon Mining and Minerals Ltd
697 15093-HQ-SML Ta yu Mining Ltd
698 15134-HQ-SML Peniel Mining Company
699 15305-HQ-SML Shakil Samad Minerals Limited
700 15424-HQ-SML Chilufya Mulenga
701 15465-HQ-SML Raphael Mbao
702 15468-HQ-SML Charles Akufuna Wamulwange
703 15475-HQ-SML Jazzman Chikwakwa
704 15555-HQ-SML Syka Mining Limited
705 15586-HQ-SML Stache General Contractors
706 15633-HQ-SML Phoenix Materials Ltd (0%)
707 15805-HQ-SML Optima Mineral Resources Limited
708 15808-HQ-SML Mpata Hills CompanyLtd
709 15933-HQ-SML Mweko Enterprises
710 15992-HQ-SML Frank Bwacha
711 16036-HQ-SML Mopti Company Limited
712 16069-HQ-SML Nyize Enterprises Ltd
713 16115-HQ-SML P S L Investments Ltd
714 16194-HQ-SML Gordons Mike Nyasulu
715 16203-HQ-SML Awan Zambia Limited
716 16312-HQ-SML Metro Mining Limited
717 16548-HQ-SML Muamba and Company Ltd
718 16594-HQ-SML Rajamani Nadar Resources (Z) Ltd
719 16606-HQ-SML Andrew Siwelwa
720 16674-HQ-SML Fishil Farms Company Limited
721 16678-HQ-SML Jolehya Joy Mapani
722 16935-HQ-SML Chibuyu Germstone Mine
723 16943-HQ-SML Agness Mutale
724 16944-HQ-SML Agness Mutale
725 17163-HQ-SML L.M. Engineering Limited
726 17566-HQ-SML Kushya Mining Ventures Limited
727 17649-HQ-SML Paulgil Check Enterprises Limited
728 17657-HQ-SML Mine Worx Ltd
729 17667-HQ-SML Steven Chilufya
730 17668-HQ-SML Steven Chilufya
731 17693-HQ-SML Stanely Nsofwa
732 17710-HQ-SML Royal Sesheke Quarry
733 17744-HQ-SML Chaka’s Mining and Suppliers Limited
734 17757-HQ-SML Joseph Chipili
735 17770-HQ-SML Metro Mining Limited
736 17789-HQ-SML Maureen Mulenga
737 17837-HQ-SML Kameta Mining Ltd
738 18087-HQ-SML David Chikopa Enterprises
739 18178-HQ-SML Duncan Chakunumka
740 18221-HQ-SML George Kasonde
741 18440-HQ-SML Rabya Machining Ltd
742 18442-HQ-SML Jewel Of africa
743 18503-HQ-SML Gracegem Mining Limited
744 18574-HQ-SML EKS Mining International Ltd
745 18868-HQ-SML Ameys Property Developers Limited
746 18907-HQ-SML Agape Minerals Limited
747 18908-HQ-SML Agape Minerals Limited
748 18979-HQ-SML Manfred Drilling,Blasting & General Delears
749 18983-HQ-SML Rock of Ages Mining Co. Ltd
750 19031-HQ-SML James Zgambo
751 19054-HQ-SML Gracegem Mining Limited
752 19084-HQ-SML Vinex Mining Limited
753 19111-HQ-SML Maliche Corporation Limited
754 19114-HQ-SML Ascent Stone Industry Ltd
755 19125-HQ-SML GTJ Mining Limited
756 19133-HQ-SML Gracegem Mining Limited
757 19179-HQ-SML Doctor Siabusu Joinery
758 19189-HQ-SML Mwala Crushing Limited
759 19250-HQ-SML Bengemor Mining Limited
760 19251-HQ-SML Bengemor Mining Limited
761 19263-HQ-SML Franciscan Minerals Zambia Limited
762 19271-HQ-SML Zamfluospar Limited
763 19412-HQ-SML EKS Mining International Limited
764 19413-HQ-SML EKS Mining International Limited
765 19630-HQ-SML Remmy Contractors And General Dealers Limited
766 19638-HQ-SML Easy Resources Limited
767 19947-HQ-SML Mwala Crushing Limited
768 20120-HQ-SML United Gypsum Investments Limited
770 20313-HQ-SML Strong Tower Mining Ltd
771 20336-HQ-SML Kathel Mining Limited
772 20411-HQ-SML African Pearl Estates Limited
773 20634-HQ-SML Kanyalu MIning Limited
774 20934-HQ-SML Adam Issa Iqubal
775 21020-HQ-SML Bendu Transport Limited
777 21103-HQ-SML SEW Minerals Zambia Limited
778 21104-HQ-SML SEW Minerals Zambia Limited
779 21312-HQ-SML Bekazulu Mining Limited
780 21491-HQ-SML Kampoko Resources Ltd
781 22134-HQ-SML Falcon Mineral Processing Limited
782 22193-HQ-SML Designer Rocks Zambia Limited
783 22569-HQ-SML Australian Mining Company Zambia Limited
784 22635-HQ-SML Kyulu Development Trust
785 22636-HQ-SML Kyulu Development Trust
786 22725-HQ-SML Lipmar Resources Limited
787 23166-HQ-SML Lukanga Quarries Limited
788 23260-HQ-SML Olibul Quarrying Limited
789 23384-HQ-SML Metchem Resources Zambia Limited
790 23429-HQ-SML Designer Rocks Zambia Limited
791 23669-HQ-SML Artificial Intelligent Product Limited
792 23670-HQ-SML Artificial Intelligent Product Limited
793 24166-HQ-SML Sky Africa Engineering & Construction Limited
794 24781-HQ-SML Kamdec Investments Ltd
795 25024-HQ-SML Kamdec Investments Ltd
796 25025-HQ-SML Kamdec Investments Ltd
797 25213-HQ-SML Sunrain Purified Construction Limited
798 25345-HQ-SML Purple Pegmine Limited
799 25596-HQ-SML Praja Minerals Zambia Limited
800 25713-HQ-SML Terra Nova Resources Company Limited
801 26199-HQ-SML Mukulu Mining Limited
802 26571-HQ-SML Broken Hill Marketing Limited
803 26633-HQ-SML Purple Pegmine Limited
804 26664-HQ-SML New Norodom Mines Limited
805 26724-HQ-SML Tawakkal Gems Investments Co. Ltd
806 26920-HQ-SML Prekas Company Limited
807 26921-HQ-SML Ming De Yu Yang Mining Company Limited
808 27607-HQ-SML R and R Matunga Logistics Limited
809 27649-HQ-SML Luambe Resources Zambia Limited
810 27650-HQ-SML F-Net Zambia Limited
811 27745-HQ-SML Sezic Resources Limited
812 27746-HQ-SML Sezic Resources Limited
813 27951-HQ-SML Kapjoy Mining Limited
814 28138-HQ-SML Solwezi Cement Limited
816 29676-HQ-SML Nyakaula Gemstones (2019) Limited
817 29805-HQ-SML Kakuyu Mining Limited
818 29865-HQ-SML Luwan Excellency Investments Limited
820 30170-HQ-SML Lipmar Resources Limited
821 30223-HQ-SML Freshstart Emerald Mining Limited
822 30226-HQ-SML Lipmar Resources Limited
823 30446-HQ-SML Musakashi Farms Limited
824 30451-HQ-SML Newmont Industries Limited
825 31049-HQ-SML Zambia Amalgamated Metals and Minerals Group Limited
826 31501-HQ-SML Philton Investments Limited
827 31835-HQ-SML Kuchime Mining Company Limited
828 32014-HQ-SML Eriboma Enterprises Limited
829 32373-HQ-SML One Pride Small Mining limited
830 33443-HQ-SML Workman Construction Zambia Limited
831 33444-HQ-SML Workman Construction Zambia Limited
832 7096-HQ-SML Norodom Mines Limited
833 7156-HQ-SML Chumwe Mining Limited
834 7260-HQ-SML Tafimonwa Monwa Mining Company ltd
835 7343-HQ-SML Nkana General Delalers Ltd
836 7408-HQ-SML Dabwisa Mining Co-operative Society Limited
837 17777-HQ-SML Tawakkal Gems Investments Co. Ltd
838 18364-HQ-SML Yambeji Mining Industries Ltd
839 18426-HQ-SML Yambeji Mining Industries Ltd
840 18575-HQ-SML CLS World Link Ltd
841 18576-HQ-SML CLS World Link Ltd
842 18583-HQ-SML Gracegem Mining Limited
843 18936-HQ-SML DRM Limited
844 19085-HQ-SML Kurgus Investments Limited
845 19087-HQ-SML Kurgus Investments Limited
846 19089-HQ-SML Kurgus Investments Limited
847 28585-HQ-SEL Novo Resouces Zambia Limited
848 27030-HQ-LEL Beker Mining Limited
849 29513-HQ-LEL Lialab Zambia Limited
850 27591-HQ-AMR Moses Mabiza
851 30133-HQ-LEL Mwambashi Fitula Mining Limited
852 31075-HQ-SEL Garuda Resources Limited
853 30302-HQ-AMR Shadrick Subakanya
854 30688-HQ-LEL Compstat Limited
855 30362-HQ-AMR Mulonda     Ngenda
856 30700-HQ-LEL Ferro Alloys Corporation Limited
857 30353-HQ-AMR Smart Mwape
858 30314-HQ-AMR Luwi Kalukangu (100%)
859 30189-HQ-AMR Kabinga J Pande (100%)
860 30936-HQ-LEL Longrock Minerals Zambia Limited (100%)
861 29977-HQ-AMR Mwengwe Yvette Mutenta
862 28479-HQ-AMR Jackson Kabemba
863 30891-HQ-LEL Dongsen Mining & Investment Limited
864 31031-HQ-SEL Ulemu Mining Limited (100%)
865 29695-HQ-SEL Workman Mining Industries Zambia Limited (100%)
866 30571-HQ-AMR Fumpa Kizela
867 30671-HQ-AMR Oscar Sampa
868 30093-HQ-AMR Mike Sinyangwe
869 30465-HQ-AMR Landilani Mwanza
870 30466-HQ-AMR Landilani Mwanza
871 31007-HQ-AMR George Mumbi
872 31008-HQ-AMR Kapaso Mumbi
873 29745-HQ-LEL Lusasha Mining and Contractors Limited
874 30892-HQ-LEL Pusaca Investements Limited
875 31009-HQ-SEL Aims Legacy Investment Limited
876 31010-HQ-AMR Gershom Makasa Mupesa
877 30512-HQ-AMR Kenneth Kapinga
878 29656-HQ-LEL Orbit Base Metals Limited
879 29931-HQ-LEL Walicho Enterprise Limited
880 30076-HQ-AMR Mubanga Rachaeal Mwilwa
881 30348-HQ-SEL Maleka Mining & Farming Resources Limited
882 30586-HQ-SEL One Pride Small Mining limited
883 22346-HQ-LEL Innovative Mining Limited (100%)
884 30411-HQ-AMR Geoffrey Kunda (100%)
885 29032-HQ-AMR Jimmy Mumba
886 30558-HQ-AMR Chitungu John Katongo
887 30737-HQ-AMR Chipo Francine Phiri
888 30738-HQ-AMR Rhoda Banda
889 30740-HQ-AMR Chimi Banda (100%)
890 30106-HQ-AMR Kabulanamu Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society (100%)
891 29353-HQ-LEL Zomsampa Petroleum and Energy Limited
892 30261-HQ-AMR Chifwaila Watz Changwe (100%)
893 22950-HQ -SML Manseba Mine Ltd (100%)
894 29211-HQ-AMR Sakala Mwepe
895 21863-HQ-LEL Builders Mining Corporation Limited (100%)
896 30482-HQ-AMR Yezgyani  Zimba
897 29154-HQ-AMR Brian Hamangaba Muungo (100%)
898 29712-HQ-SEL Vortan Innovations Limited
899 30389-HQ-SEL Fankel Mineral Resources Limited (100%)
900 30390-HQ-LEL Fankel Mineral Resources Limited (100%)
901 30422-HQ-LEL Fankel Mineral Resources Limited (100%)
902 29397-HQ-LEL GoodRock Zambia Limited
903 30026-HQ-SEL Mafula Mining Limited
904 27779-HQ-AMR Dickson Ngosa Kasamata
905 29385-HQ-LEL Alcor International Limited
906 30072-HQ-AMR Jackson Kabwe Musonda
907 30345-HQ-AMR Tawonga  Banda
908 30191-HQ-AMR Isaac Nyirenda
909 30474-HQ-LEL Lyon Mining Zambia Limited
910 30652-HQ-AMR Tutule Sunkutu
911 30761-HQ-SEL Minol Insights Investments Limited
912 28341-HQ-SEL Petejax Thrill Limited
913 30620-HQ-AMR Balm Karse Mwenya
914 29906-HQ-AMR Sylvia Bubala Chikale Mang’ola
915 30102-HQ-SEL Bishonga Enterprises Limited
916 30475-HQ-LEL Saurashtra Mining and Exploration Limited
917 30132-HQ-AMR Peter Chola
918 30306-HQ-AMR Dominic Mulenga
919 30397-HQ-SEL Tradium Resources Limited
920 30311-HQ-AMR Ndumba John Kanfunti (100%)
921 30009-HQ-SEL Gladpal Investment Limited (100%)
922 30539-HQ-AMR Consortium of Copperbelt Mining Ventures
923 30285-HQ-LEL Universal Ventures Limited
924 30324-HQ-SEL Cecilia Bwalya
925 29383-HQ-LEL Truemark Investment Limited
926 30030-HQ-AMR Ruth Sakatambo Kaputula
927 30332-HQ-AMR Mpaso Ngulugwe
928 30171-HQ-AMR Mwale Andy Mumba (100%)
929 30287-HQ-LEL Universal Ventures Limited
930 30222-HQ-AMR Milton Lubinda
931 30292-HQ-AMR Yamikani Mbewe
932 30372-HQ-AMR Martin Kaputula
933 29976-HQ-SEL Mastercom Mining Limited
934 30118-HQ-SEL Veridical Integrity Limited (100%)
935 29991-HQ-AMR Sylain  Kanyembo (100%)
936 30341-HQ-SEL Fleissig Base Metals Limited
937 30377-HQ-AMR Jungle Lion Mining Co-operative
938 30546-HQ-AMR Association for Zambian Women in Mining
939 30426-HQ-LEL Global Development Cooperation (GDC) Consulting Zambia Limited
940 29894-HQ-LEL Greenvelt Mining Limited
941 29895-HQ-LEL Greenvelt Mining Limited
942 30094-HQ-LEL Anointed Mining and Drilling Company Limited
943 29893-HQ-LEL Greenvelt Mining Limited
944 30100-HQ-AMR Grace Njapau
945 29980-HQ-AMR Patel Salim Gulan Valli
946 29989-HQ-AMR Sharon Mwaba Sabina Chanda
947 29837-HQ-AMR Gabriel Chipwepwe Mushibwe Otis
948 29483-HQ-AMR Bannety Hamangaba (100%)
949 29484-HQ-AMR Bannety Hamangaba
950 30111-HQ-AMR Charles Chalenga (100%)
951 30126-HQ-LEL Grey Copper Mining Limited
952 26659-HQ-LEL Lanorth Zambia Limited
953 28877-HQ-AMR Patricia Chabala Chinanda
954 29064-HQ-SEL KLC Investments Limited
955 29065-HQ-SEL KLC Investments Limited (100%)
956 30059-HQ-AMR Chauhan Mohit Singh (100%)
957 29868-HQ-AMR Florence Chipili (100%)
958 30161-HQ-LEL Grey Copper Mining Limited
959 29869-HQ-SEL Yosef Ventures Company Limited
960 30145-HQ-AMR Annette Siandele Muleya
961 30349-HQ-AMR Simon Sakala
962 26891-HQ-AMR Maybin Mwaba Mulenga
963 30181-HQ-AMR Noah Sambo
964 30194-HQ-AMR Bernard Zulu
965 29821-HQ-LEL Yosef Ventures Company Limited
966 29566-HQ-AMR Petronella Nyondo
967 29841-HQ-AMR Chiyandono Small Scale Mining Co-operative Society Limited (100%)
968 29943-HQ-AMR Petronella Nyondo
969 29812-HQ-LEL Huazi Mining Company Limited
970 29842-HQ-SEL Minetech Resources Limited
971 30092-HQ-AMR Ferd Shikambwali
972 30162-HQ-LEL Grey Copper Mining Limited
973 29206-HQ-AMR Mbwembwelele Small Scale Mining Cooperative
974 28414-HQ-AMR Suzyo Mulenga
975 29016-HQ-AMR Nesta Lameck Shamalime
976 29561-HQ-LEL Mebs Logistics Limited
977 28891-HQ-LEL Black Leopard Resources Limited
978 29404-HQ-LEL Omni Contractors Limited
979 27903-HQ-LEL Growmax Mining Limited
980 29701-HQ-LEL Jinfeng Mining Company Limited
981 29123-HQ-LEL Oval Mining Limited
982 26673-HQ-LEL Oval Mining Limited
983 29311-HQ-SEL Strong Mine Zambia Limited
984 29503-HQ-LEL Cadasa Investments Limited
985 29609-HQ-LEL Cadasa Investments Limited
986 29478-HQ-LEL African Crane Hiring and Logistics Limited (100%)
987 29538-HQ-LEL Irenka Limited
988 29535-HQ-SEL Liuwa Minerals Limited
989 29507-HQ-LEL Afreca Gold City Limited
990 29536-HQ-LEL Minatas Resources Limited
991 29384-HQ-LEL City Junction Limited
992 29090-HQ-LEL Brockworth Exploration & Mining Limited
993 29153-HQ-LEL Cadasa Investments Limited
994 29459-HQ-LEL Omu Metals and Processing Limited
995 29490-HQ-LEL Changa-Changa Exploration Limited
996 29511-HQ-LEL Irenka Limited (100%)
997 28729-HQ-LEL Paver Tech Youth Investments Limited
998 29719-HQ-LEL Xtract Mines and Mineral Resources Limited
999 29142-HQ-SEL Mwepago Mineral Resources
1000 29657-HQ-LEL Trade Kings Home Care Limited
1001 29203-HQ-SEL Sele Investements Limited
1002 29331-HQ-LEL Elysium Minerals Limited
1003 29340-HQ-LEL Zambian Anglo Mining Limited
1004 29550-HQ-SEL Kasonta Resources Limited
1005 29212-HQ-LEL Scotglen Mining Zambia Limited (100%)
1006 29213-HQ-LEL Scotglen Mining Zambia Limited (100%)
1007 29216-HQ-LEL Scotglen Mining Zambia Limited
1008 29341-HQ-LEL Zambian Anglo Mining Limited
1009 29358-HQ-LEL Zambian Anglo Mining Limited
1010 29145-HQ-LEL Geiya Group Limited
1011 29573-HQ-LEL Huahope Mining Company Limited
1012 29440-HQ-LEL PEMA Fabrics Limited
1013 29441-HQ-LEL PEMA Fabrics Limited
1014 29442-HQ-LEL PEMA Fabrics Limited
1015 29067-HQ-LEL Katanda Natural Resources Limited  (100%)
1016 29189-HQ-LEL Sanjay and Krishna Investements Limited
1017 27934-HQ-SEL Sulphur Creek Resources Limited
1018 29408-HQ-LEL African Metals and  Mining Limited
1019 29069-HQ-SEL Tree Beard Limited
1020 29177-HQ-LEL Hartebeest Resources Limited
1021 29457-HQ-LEL DAS Oversees Limited
1022 27140-HQ-LEL Elanol Investements Limited
1023 28884-HQ-LEL Prime Gold Mining Limited
1024 29182-HQ-LEL Doriffa Investment Import and Export Limited (100%)
1025 24086-HQ-LEL Copperzone Resources Limited
1026 28902-HQ-LEL Zamtech Minerals Limited
1027 29107-HQ-LEL Zambia Amalgamated Metals and Minerals Group Limited
1028 28190-HQ-LEL Green Giant Mineral Resources Limited
1029 28751-HQ-MPL Keda Zambia Ceramics Company Limited
1030 29118-HQ-LEL Lyon Investment Zambia Limited
1031 29288-HQ-SEL Green Giant Mineral Resources Limited
1032 29462-HQ-LEL Yosef Ventures Company Limited
1033 27317-HQ-LEL Munamalu Resources Limited
1034 29108-HQ-SEL STC Transport and Farming Limited
1035 29463-HQ-LEL Hauzi Mining Company Limited
1036 29494-HQ-LEL Ango-Zed General Dealers Limited
1037 28063-HQ-SEL Luigino Mining Limited
1038 28894-HQ-SEL Gulnoor Mining Limited
1039 28983-HQ-SEL Wanron Trading Limited (100%)
1040 28164-HQ-LEL GoodRock Zambia Limited
1041 28953-HQ-LEL Deepwell Energy Limited
1042 27161-HQ-SEL Anugraga Mines Zambia Limited
1043 27832-HQ-LEL Devaberakhah Mining Zambia Limited
1044 28189-HQ-LEL Solvin Mining Limited
1045 25924-HQ-LEL Capstone Management Company Limited
1046 29164-HQ-LEL Pine Investments Limited (100%)
1047 28001-HQ-LEL L and I Investments Limited
1048 26968-HQ-MPL Eagles Eye Transformation Limited
1049 28575-HQ-SEL Siege Mining Limited
1050 29171-HQ-LEL Scotglen Mining Zambia Limited
1051 27887-HQ-LEL Glacier Supplies Limited
1052 27518-HQ-LEL Cloud Mining Industries Limited
1053 27193-HQ-LEL Texxon Energies Limited
1054 28688-HQ-MPL IBAS Trades Limited
1055 28146-HQ-SEL One Light Media Limited
1056 28648-HQ-SEL Paver Tech Youth Investments Limited
1057 27612-HQ-LEL Brumat Minerals Limited
1058 27989-HQ-LEL Yetu Mining Limited (100%)
1059 28045-HQ-SEL Earthwise Environmental Zambia Limited (100%)
1060 28322-HQ-SEL Selmat Investments Limited
1061 28658-HQ-SEL Lwito Investements Limited
1062 28900-HQ-SEL Baza Resources Limited
1063 28901-HQ-SEL Green Giant Mineral Resources Limited
1064 28304-HQ-LEL Motomine Zambia Limited (100%)
1065 25878-HQ-LEL Capstone Management Company Limited
1066 27393-HQ-LEL Kausi Limited
1067 28445-HQ-SEL Integrity Mining Limited
1068 27789-HQ-LEL Cloud Mining Industries Limited
1069 27877-HQ-LEL Cloud Mining Industries Limited
1070 28040-HQ-LEL Newcrest Mining Limited
1071 28042-HQ-LEL Newcrest Mining Limited
1072 28043-HQ-LEL Solidstone Construction Company Limited (100%)
1073 28136-HQ-LEL Black Inkalamu Mining Limited
1074 26223-HQ-LEL Baluba Minerals Limited
1075 26892-HQ-LEL Infinite Social Investment Solutions Limited
1076 27283-HQ-SEL Infinite Social Investment Solutions Limited
1077 27467-HQ-SEL Yuanhua Investment Limited
1078 27665-HQ-LEL Easiearth Resources Limited
1079 27979-HQ-LEL Black Inkalamu Mining Limited
1080 27980-HQ-LEL Black Inkalamu Mining Limited
1081 28036-HQ-LEL Black Inkalamu Mining Limited
1082 28137-HQ-LEL Black Inkalamu Mining Limited
1083 28216-HQ-SEL Quick Brick Limited (100%)
1084 28654-HQ-LEL White Castle Limited
1085 27900-HQ-LEL Uptown Mining and Exploration Limited
1086 28470-HQ-LEL Gold Tree Investment Limited (100%)
1087 27773-HQ-LEL Growmax Mining Limited
1088 27935-HQ-LEL Growmax Mining Limited
1089 28319-HQ-LEL Rio Resources Zambia Limited
1090 28142-HQ-SEL G.M.M Business Associates Services Limited
1091 28413-HQ-SEL Luombe Mineral Resources Limited
1092 27573-HQ-LEL Yosef Ventures Company Limited
1093 27885-HQ-LEL Longview Afrexim Limited (100%)
1094 28172-HQ-SEL Flow Valve Limited
1095 26723-HQ-LEL Mushili Minerals Mining Company Limited
1096 27392-HQ-LEL Kausi Limited
1097 28237-HQ-SEL Masiya Engineering Limited
1098 27621-HQ-LEL Makeni Resources Limited
1099 27232-HQ-LEL Copperbelt University Investments Holdings Limited
1100 27234-HQ-LEL Copperbelt University Investments Holdings Limited
1101 27457-HQ-LEL Temachi Mineral Resources Limited (100%)
1102 28092-HQ-SEL Twenty Ten Investments Limited
1103 28224-HQ-SEL Taranga Resources Limited
1104 28488-HQ-LEL Trustnet Consultancy Limited
1105 28235-HQ-LEL Evergreat Investment Company Limited
1106 28505-HQ-SEL Katanda Natural Resources Limited
1107 28200-HQ-LEL Paver Tech Youth Investments Limited
1108 28163-HQ-LEL Muzek Mining Limited
1109 28267-HQ-LEL Pinak Resources Zambia Limited
1110 28289-HQ-SML Aabrick Zambia Limited
1111 28378-HQ-SEL Buraq Mining Limited
1112 28379-HQ-SEL Buraq Mining Limited
1113 28380-HQ-SEL Buraq Mining Limited
1114 27162-HQ-SEL Mingi Investments Holdings Limited
1115 24246-HQ-LEL Headframe Resources (Z) Ltd
1116 28329-HQ-SEL Khasavasa Resources Limited
1117 28492-HQ-LEL Kena Kunj Mining Company Limited
1118 26164-HQ-LEL Mine Worx Limited
1119 27889-HQ-LEL Nash Import & Export Limited (100%)
1120 27497-HQ-LEL Freca Platinum Limited
1121 28065-HQ-SEL Emeraldsource Mining Limited
1122 28182-HQ-SEL Amizo Power Engineers Limited
1123 27532-HQ-LEL Kratos Mining Limited
1124 26503-HQ-SEL Nkanza Resources Limited
1125 27329-HQ-LEL Precise Mining Solutions Limited (100%)
1126 27839-HQ-LEL Worthymore Investment Holdings Limited
1127 28185-HQ-LEL CS Mining Investments (Z) Limited
1128 27137-HQ-LEL Amar Ferro Alloys Limited
1129 28094-HQ-LEL Nobel Construction Limited (100%)
1130 26803-HQ-SEL Vitendwe Mine Limited
1131 28038-HQ-SEL Chibalala Agro Enterprises Limited
1132 28160-HQ-LEL Zambian Anglo Mining Limited
1133 28083-HQ-LEL R and R Matunga Logistics Limited
1134 8750-HQ-LML Kagem Mining Limited
1135 26647-HQ-LEL Lumetri Resources Limited
1136 26903-HQ-LEL Copper Rockfield Mines Ltd
1137 27523-HQ-LEL Copper Rockfield Mines Ltd
1138 28184-HQ-SEL CS Mining Investments (Z) Limited
1139 28099-HQ-LEL Liv Misho Investment Company Limited
1140 27509-HQ-LEL Haoyang Resources Limited
1141 27948-HQ-LEL Gulnoor Mining Limited
1142 27272-HQ-LEL Dharani Mining Limited
1143 27743-HQ-LEL Haoyang Resources Limited
1144 27943-HQ-LEL SIMCHO Investments Limited
1145 27380-HQ-SEL Gondwana Land Minerals Explores Limited
1146 27970-HQ-SEL Quick Brick Limited
1147 27660-HQ-LEL Devaberakhah Mining Zambia Limited
1148 27897-HQ-LEL Ariqueza Investments Zambia Limited
1149 26814-HQ-SEL Luwowoshi Mining Limited
1150 27207-HQ-SEL Jandvin Mining Limited
1151 27480-HQ-MPL Anshan Investments Zambia Limited
1152 27808-HQ-LEL Oval Mining Limited
1153 27473-HQ-SEL Suwafa General Contractors Limited
1154 26483-HQ-LEL W.W & S Investments Limited
1155 27013-HQ-LEL Zambian Stone and Gravel Limited
1156 26992-HQ-LEL Tirupati Investment Limited
1157 27739-HQ-LEL Ariqueza Investments Zambia Limited
1158 27740-HQ-LEL Ariqueza Investments Zambia Limited
1159 27769-HQ-LEL African Pioneer Chongwe Limited
1160 26821-HQ-LEL Pangeni Mineral Resources Limited
1161 26972-HQ-LEL Rajeev Minerals Limited
1162 27731-HQ-LEL Ariqueza Investments Zambia Limited
1163 21442-HQ-LEL African Inkalamo Mining Limited
1164 27056-HQ-LEL Sonda Resources Limited
1165 27184-HQ-SEL One Light Media Limited
1166 27179-HQ-LEL Gavanni Mining and Exploration Limited
1167 27312-HQ-LEL Qinghai Mining Company Limited
1168 27559-HQ-LEL Matka Technical Services Limited
1169 25914-HQ-LEL Capstone Management Company Limited
1170 26977-HQ-SEL Anugraga Mines Zambia Limited
1171 27160-HQ-SEL Anugraga Mines Zambia Limited
1172 26801-HQ-SEL Nisha Resources Limited
1173 27012-HQ-LEL Malaika Development Limited
1174 27327-HQ-SEL Lipostide Resources Limited
1175 26797-HQ-SEL Emaycia Investments Limited
1176 27008-HQ-LEL Hong Xiang Energy Zambia Limited
1177 27274-HQ-LEL Grownyz Zambia Limited
1178 27449-HQ-SEL Nuels Construction Zambia Limited
1179 27231-HQ-SEL Pricems Mining & Trading Limited
1180 26804-HQ-SEL Katizo Mining Company Limited
1181 27209-HQ-SEL Kansenseli Mining Limited
1182 27396-HQ-MPL Clean Lime Zambia Limited
1183 27450-HQ-SEL Gazi Company Limited
1184 26554-HQ-SEL Green Planet Enterprises Limited
1185 27343-HQ-SEL GEM Valley Mines Limited
1186 27099-HQ-LEL Bountiful Blessing Investments Limited
1187 26520-HQ-SEL Luwi Investments Limited
1188 27039-HQ-SEL Salman mining Enterprises Limited
1189 26910-HQ-LEL Blue Copper Mining Limited
1190 27131-HQ-SEL Novo Resouces Zambia Limited
1191 27208-HQ-SEL Nkana Process Resources Limited
1192 27047-HQ-SEL Pabema Mining and Minerals Limited
1193 26978-HQ-SEL Anugraga Mines Zambia Limited
1194 26924-HQ-LEL Kopano Mineral Resources Limited
1195 27271-HQ-LEL Sreshta International Limited
1196 25753-HQ-LEL Interprochan Enterprises Limited
1197 27096-HQ-LEL Ostrich Mining and Exploration Limited
1198 27266-HQ-SEL Nuels Construction Zambia Limited
1199 26143-HQ-LEL Landed Builders Construction Limited
1200 26169-HQ-LEL Cabral Mining Minerals Limited
1201 25885-HQ-LEL Sew Trident(Zambia)Private Ltd
1202 27005-HQ-SEL Anugraga Mines Zambia Limited
1203 26839-HQ-SEL Jamojo Invetsments Company Limited
1204 27168-HQ-SEL Continental Mining Limited
1205 27028-HQ-LEL Base Metals Mining Limited
1206 27070-HQ-SEL Continental Coal Mining Limited
1207 26372-HQ-MPL Haoyang Resources Limited
1208 26930-HQ-SML Fanamu Mining Company
1209 25018-HQ-LML Katenge Resources Limited (100%)
1210 26807-HQ-SEL Longomona Company Limited
1211 27027-HQ-LEL Base Metals Mining Limited
1212 27048-HQ-SEL Goldline Mining Limited
1213 27338-HQ-LEL Mayfair Global Solutions Zambia Limited
1214 27112-HQ-LEL Melucky Mining Company Limited
1215 25946-HQ-LEL United Exploration Mining Limited (100%)
1216 26957-HQ-LEL Bayan Construction Limited
1217 26610-HQ-LEL Discovery Mineral Resources Limited
1218 26791-HQ-SEL Eddflow Rare Mining Limited
1219 27127-HQ-LEL Mukula Mining Investments Limited
1220 26340-HQ-LEL Eastern Mineral & Exploration Company Limited
1221 26763-HQ-SEL Harsol Mining Zambia Limited
1222 26979-HQ-LEL Konige Mining and Exploration Limited
1223 27059-HQ-LEL Konige Mining and Exploration Limited
1224 26769-HQ-SEL Rarefind Zambia Limited
1225 25071-HQ-SEL Pentagon Resources Limited
1226 26901-HQ-SEL Budget Logistics Limited
1227 26512-HQ-LEL Lorella Products Limited
1228 27080-HQ-SEL Sofitel Investments Limited
1229 26902-HQ-SEL Cedar Rock Gold Limited
1230 26623-HQ-SEL Liuwa Minerals Limited (100%)
1231 26160-HQ-LEL Kamawusa Mining Limited
1232 25915-HQ-SEL Capstone Management Company Limited
1233 26789-HQ-LEL M.M Copiers Electronics Limited
1234 26880-HQ-LEL Malaika Development Limited
1235 26762-HQ-SEL Rontex Minerals  Limited
1236 25988-HQ-SEL Enanol Investments Limited (100%)
1237 26462-HQ-LEL Annapoorna Minerals Limited (100%)
1238 26738-HQ-SEL Syra Enterprises Limited
1239 26653-HQ-LEL GTD Mining Limited
1240 26533-HQ-LEL Jimukai Mining Company Limited
1241 26661-HQ-LEL Jimukai Mining Company Limited
1242 26669-HQ-LEL Jimukai Mining Company Limited
1243 26758-HQ-SEL Hannah Bird Wood Mining & Transport Limited
1244 26560-HQ-LEL Ovahglo Limited
1245 25667-HQ-LEL Antu Resources & Minerals Limited
1246 26668-HQ-SEL Mana Mining Resources Limited
1247 25189-HQ-SML Mulopwe Metals Mining Limited
1248 20246-HQ-LEL Montauk Mining & Minerals Limited (100%)
1249 26295-HQ-SEL Rimrose Resources Limited
1250 26196-HQ-SEL Sezic Resources Limited
1251 26650-HQ-LEL Qinghai Mining Company Limited
1252 26680-HQ-SEL Rarefind Zambia Limited
1253 26491-HQ-SEL Mables African Creations Limited
1254 26457-HQ-SML ZCCM Gold Limited
1255 26561-HQ-SEL Ovahglo Limited
1256 26590-HQ-SEL Global Consolidators Limited (100%)
1257 26472-HQ-LEL Kasote International Limited
1258 26100-HQ-SEL Mathkat General Dealers Limited
1259 26767-HQ-SEL Array Metals And Natural Resources Limited
1260 26453-HQ-SEL Lehorizon Surveying Limited
1261 26456-HQ-LEL Wimu Mining Company Limited
1262 26390-HQ-SEL Luigino Mining Limited
1263 25871-HQ-LEL Olinda Minerals Limited
1264 26681-HQ-LEL Ochan Mining Company Limited
1265 26176-HQ-LEL Sahanik Resources Zambia Limited
1266 25994-HQ-LEL Ucapital Centre and Investments Limited
1267 24836-HQ-SEL Sonda Resources Limited
1268 26089-HQ-LEL Ucapital Centre and Investments Limited
1269 25940-HQ-SEL Mingi Minerals Limited (100%)
1270 25740-HQ-SEL Mabula Mining Company Limited
1271 25995-HQ-SEL Ucapital Centre and Investments Limited
1272 25400-HQ-SEL Sulphur Creek Resources Limited
1273 26104-HQ-LEL Exploit Property Limited
1274 25851-HQ-LEL Olinda Minerals Limited
1275 26103-HQ-LEL Exploit Property Limited
1276 25967-HQ-SEL Elijah Moomba General Dealers Limited
1277 26322-HQ-SEL Rovy Minerals Limited
1278 26339-HQ-LEL Abilene Mining Limited
1279 26346-HQ-SEL Lufwambula Small Scale Mining Limited
1280 26086-HQ-SEL Ucapital Centre and Investments Limited
1281 25656-HQ-LEL Misaba Mining Company Limited
1282 26087-HQ-SEL Ucapital Centre and Investments Limited
1283 25139-HQ-SEL Jomm General Dealers Limited (100%)
1284 25996-HQ-LEL Sanga Minerals Ltd (100%)
1285 25550-HQ-SEL Chibusa Investments Limited
1286 25928-HQ-SML Sabi Minerals Limited (100%)
1287 25984-HQ-LEL Duwaco Mining Minerals Limited
1288 25983-HQ-LEL Duwaco Mining Minerals Limited
1289 26050-HQ-SEL Olias Zambia Limited (100%)
1291 26177-HQ-SEL B.G Saka Logistics Limited
1292 25814-HQ-LEL Jekan Minerals Limited (100%)
1293 25881-HQ-LEL Samket Resources Limited (100%)
1294 25779-HQ-LEL Sri Karthikeya Minerals Trading Limited
1295 25273-HQ-LEL Belmt Resources Mining Company Limited (100%)
1296 25796-HQ-SEL ZCCM – IH Investments Holdings Plc (100%)
1297 26040-HQ-SEL Auto Africa Motors Limited
1298 25809-HQ-LEL Khazma Investments Limited (100%)
1299 25912-HQ-SEL Interprochan Enterprises Limited
1300 25950-HQ-SEL Kuma Mining Company Limited
1301 26072-HQ-LEL Kashwini Investments Limited
1302 25903-HQ-SEL Solidstone Construction Limited
1303 23246-HQ-LEL World Class Mineral Venture Limited
1304 23247-HQ-LEL World Class Mineral Venture Limited
1305 23248-HQ-LEL World Class Mineral Venture Limited
1306 24914-HQ-SEL Balunda Investments Limited
1307 25562-HQ-LEL Medha Consultancy Limited
1308 25563-HQ-LEL Medha Consultancy Limited
1309 25564-HQ-LEL Medha Consultancy Limited
1310 25565-HQ-LEL Medha Consultancy Limited
1311 25571-HQ-LEL Medha Consultancy Limited
1312 25572-HQ-LEL Medha Consultancy Limited
1313 25817-HQ-LEL Shasa Investment Limited
1314 25669-HQ-LEL Solidstone Construction Limited
1315 25784-HQ-LEL Kamemoma Mining Limited
1316 25843-HQ-LEL Shasa Investment Limited
1317 24681-HQ-SEL Chama Minerals Resources Limited
1318 25691-HQ-SEL Carswell Exploration & Mining Zambia Limited
1319 25292-HQ-SEL Carswell Exploration & Mining Zambia Limited (100%)
1320 25094-HQ-SEL Kebiyukwa Investments Zambia Limited
1321 25789-HQ-LEL Mingi Minerals Limited
1322 25308-HQ-LEL Cold Link Enterprises Limited
1323 25824-HQ-SEL LMME Zambia Limited
1324 25068-HQ-LEL Rajeswari Minerals Limited
1325 25294-HQ-SEL Solidstone Construction Limited (100%)
1326 25810-HQ-SEL Binabel Limited
1327 25811-HQ-SEL Binabel Limited
1328 25692-HQ-SEL Henev Mining Limited
1329 25227-HQ-LEL Ukupala Mining Limited
1330 25228-HQ-LEL Ukupala Mining Limited
1331 25230-HQ-LEL Ukupala Mining Limited
1332 25585-HQ-SML Kabundi Resources Limited
1333 25632-HQ-LEL Khazma Investments Limited
1334 25803-HQ-LEL Melucky Mining Company Limited
1335 25633-HQ-SEL Munkoyo Mining Limited
1336 25701-HQ-LEL Exploit Property Limited
1337 25149-HQ-SEL Kaka Eagles Wings Resources Limited (100%)
1338 25466-HQ-AMR Musonda Kasani
1339 25651-HQ-LEL Kamemoma Mining Limited
1340 25519-HQ-SEL Nkanza Resources Limited
1341 25520-HQ-SEL Nkanza Resources Limited (100%)
1342 25570-HQ-SEL Geogine General Dealer Limited
1343 24878-HQ-SEL Kaputa Resources Limited
1344 25406-HQ-SEL Kucimfya Mines Zambia Limited
1345 25407-HQ-SEL Kucimfya Mines Zambia Limited
1346 25408-HQ-SEL Kucimfya Mines Zambia Limited
1347 24887-HQ-LEL Sahanik  Resources Zambia Limited
1348 25582-HQ-SEL Starshine Mineral Resources Limited (100%)
1349 24054-HQ-LEL Kampoko Resources Ltd
1350 24547-HQ-LEL Build Trust Construction Limited
1351 23796-HQ-LEL Kampoko Resources Ltd
1352 25064-HQ-LEL Annapoorna Minerals Limited
1353 25065-HQ-LEL Rajeswari Minerals Limited (100%)
1354 25331-HQ-SEL Dason Zambia Limited
1355 25091-HQ-SEL Workman Construction Zambia Limited
1356 25183-HQ-LEL Angel Dust Investments Limited
1357 25184-HQ-LEL Angel Dust Investments Limited
1358 24116-HQ-SEL Praja Minerals Zambia Limited
1359 25204-HQ-SEL Kucimfya Mines Zambia Limited (100%)
1360 25205-HQ-SEL Kucimfya Mines Zambia Limited
1361 25272-HQ-SEL Goshen Kaps Investments Limited
1362 13811-HQ-SML Pridegems Mines Limited
1363 24789-HQ-SML Tinglong Investments Limited (100%)
1364 24309-HQ-SML Trevisan General Construction Zambia Limited (100%)
1365 8752-HQ-LML Kagem Mining Limited
1366 23690-HQ-MPL Huacheng Mining Zambia Limited
1367 22301-HQ-MPL Universal Mining and Chemical Industries Limited (100%)
1368 22990-HQ-LEL Garbo Resource Zambia Limited
1369 22333-HQ-LEL Sumwa Construction and Suppliers Limited (100%)
1370 22692-HQ-LEL Paragon Resources Limited
1371 22661-HQ-LEL Bountiful Blessing Investments Limited
1372 21820-HQ-SML Roads Development Agency (100%)
1373 21822-HQ-SML Roads Development Agency (100%)
1374 21826-HQ-SML Roads Development Agency (100%)
1375 21828-HQ-SML Roads Development Agency (100%)
1376 21829-HQ-SML Roads Development Agency (100%)
1377 20726-HQ-MPL Mineral Junxion And Transport Limited
1378 21850-HQ-LEL Kalupa Resources Limited
1379 21819-HQ-SML Roads Development Agency (100%)
1380 21907-HQ-LEL Shearzone Resources Limited
1381 21706-HQ-MPL Jinlan Investment Company Limited
1382 22024-HQ-LEL AAC Mining Executors Limited
1383 07200-HQ-SML Marlex Mining Investments Limited
1384 21837-HQ-LEL Chibuluma Mines Plc (100%)
1385 17509-HQ-SML Grizzly Mining Limited
1386 8509-HQ-LML Kagem Mining Limited
1387 21506-HQ-LEL Rockerfield Corporation Limited
1388 21499-HQ-LEL Pridegems Mines Limited
1389 20906-HQ-LEL Zumran Mining and Exploration Limited
1390 21422-HQ-LEL Zumran Mining and Exploration Limited  (100%)
1391 21424-HQ-LEL Zumran Mining and Exploration Limited  (100%)
1392 20738-HQ-LEL N.I.C Investments Limited
1393 20584-HQ-LML Ruida Investments Limited (100%)
1394 16730-HQ-SML Ronald Phiri (100%)
1395 20059-HQ-LML Tianyu Mining Zambia Limited (100%)
1396  20362-HQ-LEL Ndola Quarries Limited (100%)
1397 17239-HQ-SML Kachawa Mines Limited (100%)
1398 17894-HQ-LML L.M. Engineering Limited (100%)
1399 12848-HQ-LML Leopard Exploration and Mining Limited
1400 20000-HQ-LML Nizam Crusher Limited (100%)
1401  19712-HQ-LEL Chemopharm Limited (100%)
1402 19806-HQ-LEL Chemopharm Limited (100%)
1403 11368-HQ-SML Omekuti Investments Limited (100%)
1404 19906-HQ-LEL Handa Resources Limited
1405 19805-HQ-LGL Spearnet Zambia Limited (100%)
1406 17969-HQ-LEL Anglo Exploration Zambia Limited (100%)
1407 19762-HQ-LGL Zejun Investment Limited (100%)
1408 19840-HQ-LGL Zejun Investment Limited (100%)
1409 19310-HQ-LEL Pangeni Mineral Resources Limited (100%)
1410 15024-HQ-SML Godfrey Katiki (100%)
1411 19437-HQ-LML Zambian Gold Tiger Construction and Materials Limited (100%)
1412 19530-HQ-SML Mercy Mayani (100%)
1413 16887-HQ-SML Mandlethu Zambia Ltd
1414 19462-HQ-SML Mercy Mayani (100%)
1415 19130-HQ-SML G & G National Wide Zambia Limited (100%)
1416  17777-HQ-SML Tawakkal Gems Investments Co. Ltd
1417 19159-HQ-LML Neelkanth Lime Limited (100%)
1418 17878-HQ-LML China Copper Mines Ltd (100%)
1419 7828-HQ-SML Bilonda Mining Limited (100%)
1420 9002-HQ-LML Lumwana Mining Co. Limited (100%)
1421 15056-HQ-SML Kasanjiku Mining Company Limited
1422 26477-HQ-MPL San He Manufacturing Zambia Limited (100%)
1423 15589-HQ-SML Texxon Energies Limited (100%)
1424 7680-HQ-SML Wang Sheng Mining Limited
1425 15547-HQ-LML Mwembeshi Resources Limited (100%)
1426 8351-HQ-SML Cross Country Mining Ltd
1427 14774-HQ-SML Kampelembe CSS Mines Ltd (100%)
1429 07302-HQ-SML Kayayi Investments Limited
1430 14105-HQ-LML Kagem Mining Limited (100%)
1431 7309-HQ-SML Sachin Limited (100%)
1432 13296-HQ-LGL Wise Focus Mining Limited (100%)
1433 8735-HQ-SML Lijing Industry Company Limited (100%)
1434 17526-HQ-LML Kagem Mining Limited
1435 8724-HQ-SML Sensele Enterprises Limited (100%)
1436 11312-HQ-SML Wang-Sheng Mining Company Limited (100%)
1437 8625-HQ-LML Suhails International Limited
1438 8628-HQ-LML Suhails International Limited (100%)
1439 8622-HQ-LML Universal Mining and Chemical Industries Limited (100%)
1440 8566-HQ-SML Lunga Minerals and Geological Limited (100%)
1441 8531-HQ-SML Maosheng Mineral Resources Limited (100%)
1442 8493-HQ-SML Eyethu Sonke Mining Limited (100%)
1443 8474-HQ-LML Sino-Metals Leach Zambia Limited (100%)
1444 8383-HQ-SML Scirocco Enterprises Limited (100%)
1445 8404-HQ-LML CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines PLC
1446 8403-HQ-LML Chambishi Copper Smelter Limited (100%)
1447 8392 -HQ-LML CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines PLC
1448 8393-HQ-LML CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines PLC
1449 8394-HQ-LML CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines PLC
1450 8395-HQ-LML CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines PLC
1451 8396-HQ-LML CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines PLC
1453 8354-HQ-LML Universal Mining and Chemical Industries Limited (100%)
1454 8353-HQ-LML Albidon Zambia Limited (100%)
1455 8310-HQ-SML Kantobo Mining Limited (0%)
1456 08561-HQ-SML Jamba Mining & Marketing Ltd
1457 8097-HQ-LML CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines PLC
1458 8089-HQ-LML Lumwana Mining Co. Limited (100%)
1459 9000-HQ-LML Lumwana Mining Co. Limited (100%)
1460 9001-HQ-LML Lumwana Mining Co. Limited (100%)
1461 9003-HQ-LML Lumwana Mining Co. Limited (100%)
1462 9004-HQ-LML Lumwana Mining Co. Limited (100%)
1463 8003-HQ-SML A and A Allied Investments Limited (100%)
1464 7073-HQ-LML Mopani Copper Mines Plc (100%)
1465 7581-HQ-SML Melzer Mining Limited
1466 7359-HQ-SML Chilanga Cement Plc
1467 07318-HQ-SML Mangal Mine Limited
1468 07231-HQ-SML Mukanjaka Mining Industries Company Limited
1469 7058-HQ-LML Maamba Colieries Limited (100%)
1470 12985-HQ-LML Kronos Mining Limited
1471 13207-HQ- LML Macrolink Resources (z)Limited
1472 15486-HQ-LML Mindeco Small Mines Limited
1473 15750-HQ-LML Zambian Sipl Metal and Mining Company Limited
1474 17611-HQ-LML ANTRAA Coal Zambia Limited
1475 17868-HQ-LML Peco Limited
1476 18703-HQ-LML Mpande Limestone Limited
1477 19472-HQ-LML Green Bay Mining Limited
1478 19565-HQ-LML Phil Resources Ltd
1479 19624-HQ-LML Buffalo Consortium Limited
1480 19725-HQ-LML Double impacty Construction Company Ltd
1481 20147-HQ-LML Vikram Investments Limited
1482 20306-HQ-LML Astro Quarries Limited
1483 20611-HQ-LML Kingda Mining Limited
1484 24805-HQ-LML Musamu Resources ltd
1485 25089-HQ-LML MGI Kruz Auto Link Limited
1486 27564-HQ-LML Silver Shell Limited
1487 28753-HQ-LML Kumbele Mining Company Limited
1488 28755-HQ-LML Zambian Anglo Mining Limited
1489 24072-HQ-MPL Omax Ferro Alloys Zambia Limited
1490 24305-HQ-MPL Amar Ferro Alloys Limited
1491 20951-HQ-MPL Copper Tree Minerals Limited
1492 20953-HQ-MPL Copper Tree Minerals Limited
1493 20966-HQ-MPL Linsang Investments Company Ltd
1494 21014-HQ-MPL Tongxin Metal Company Limited
1495 21596-HQ-MPL Castle Lead Works Zambia Limited
1496 22099-HQ-MPL Avocado Mining Limited
1497 22175-HQ-MPL Kwiyapamo Investments Limited
1498 22508-HQ-MPL Weixin Company Limited
1499 22551-HQ-MPL Ramoji Resources Limited
1500 22592-HQ-MPL Blackfire Mining Limited
1501 22827-HQ-MPL Chapamo Mineral Processing Limited
1502 23370-HQ-MPL Calcite Limited
1503 23533-HQ-MPL Chimetal Zambia Limited
1504 23715-HQ-MPL Sunrain Purifield Construction Ltd
1505 23734-HQ-MPL Deulco Zambia Limited
1506 24018-HQ-MPL Mulungushi Corporation Limited
1507 24109-HQ-MPL GoodRock Zambia Limited
1508 24323-HQ-MPL Founded Business Trust Holdings Zambia Limited
1509 24750-HQ-MPL Mulopwe Metals Mining Limited
1510 25009-HQ-MPL Founded Business Trust Refineries Zambia Limited
1511 25684-HQ-MPL GoodRock Zambia Limited
1512 25890-HQ-MPL Afrique Nama Mining Limited
1513 26049-HQ-MPL Dutch Mining & Processing Limited
1514 26290-HQ-MPL Consolidated Gold Company of Zambia Limited
1515 26484-HQ-MPL Omu Metals and Processing Limited
1516 27861-HQ-MPL African Ferro Alloys Limited
1517 28226-HQ-MPL Musenga Resources Limited
1518 28277-HQ-MPL Topglory Mining Company Limited
1519 28454-HQ-MPL Pullman Zambia Company Limited
1520 28522-HQ-MPL Max Global Ferro Alloys Limited
1521 28559-HQ-MPL Kena Kunj Mining Company Limited
1522 28655-HQ-MPL Nkana Mining and Mineral Processing Limited
1523 29696-HQ-MPL Tspzam Minerals Limited
1524 29734-HQ-MPL Atlas Alloys Zambia Limited
1525 102905-HQ-MPL Kroup Mining and Processing Limited
1526 12544-HQ-SML Synite Quarries Zambia Limited
1527 19378-HQ-SML Nkinsu Gold and Platinum Enterprises Limited
1528 21031-HQ-SML Blue Oceans Minerals & Metals Ltd
1529 21280-HQ-SML Simmer Enterprises Limited
1530 21536-HQ-SML Jalyn Investments Limited
1531 22681-HQ-SML Synite Quarries Zambia Limited
1532 23042-HQ-SML Brigade Construction Limited
1533 7016-HQ-SML Mount Horeb Investments Limited
1534 7142-HQ-SML Marlex Mining Investments Limited
1535 07146-HQ-SML Malabwe Mine Limited
1536 7158-HQ-SML Mwelushi Mining Company Limited
1537 7174-HQ-SML Maamba Colieries Limited
1538 7197-HQ-SML Sea Green Mining Limited
1539 7199-HQ-SML Favourite Emerald Mine Limited
1540 7224-HQ-SML REP Mines Limited
1541 07233-HQ-SML Gertina Mines Limited
1542 7258-HQ-SML Fitwama Mining Cooperative Society
1543 7272-HQ-SML Masombwe Investments Limited
1544 7275-HQ-SML Shelo Company Limited
1545 07277-HQ-SML NLM Mining Limited
1546 7294-HQ-SML Scirocco Enterprises Limited
1547 7308-HQ-SML Jodam Mining Co. limited  ; Kankan Mining Co. Limited
1548 7336-HQ-SML Abar International Investments Limited
1549 7345-HQ-SML Mapelo Gemstone Export Co. Limited
1550 7383-HQ-SML Kwasha Mukwenu Mining Limited
1551 7493-HQ-SML Abar International Investments Limited
1552 7515-HQ-SML Precious Transparency Limited
1553 07627-HQ-SML Wana Emerald Mining Company Ltd
1554 7698-HQ-SML MGB Mining Limited
1555 7705-HQ-SML Twapenga mining and Prospecting Limited
1556 07752-HQ-SML Rafranto Mining Limited
1557 7971-HQ-SML Ndulumba Mines Limited
1558 7972-HQ-SML Musanya Quarries Limited
1559 8024-HQ-SML Turtle Agro Mining Limited
1560 8055-HQ-SML Rayn Mining Limited
1561 8087-HQ-SML Mediterranean Mining Limited
1562 8112-HQ-SML Samaka Gemstone Mining Company Limited
1563 08117-HQ-SML Zamway Mining Limited
1564 8228-HQ-SML William Nsokolo Sichula
1565 8275-HQ-SML Scirocco Enterprises Limited
1566 8329-HQ-SML Phoenix Materials Ltd
1567 8363-HQ-SML Zambezi Portland Cement Limited
1568 8431-HQ-SML AC and G Njanji Mining Company Limited
1569 8432-HQ-SML Red Jakect Zambia Limited
1570 8459-HQ-SML Apila Limited
1571 8460-HQ-SML Apila Limited
1572 8516-HQ-SML Bekazulu Mining Limited
1573 10079-HQ-SML Twampane Enterprises Limited
1574 12141-HQ-SML Workman Mining Industries Zambia Limited
1575 12491-HQ-SML African Deposit Limited
1576 12638-HQ-SML Best Quarry Limited
1577 12795-HQ-SML Copperhead Limited
1578 12869-HQ-SML Sakeni Mining Limited
1579 12953-HQ-SML Lwimbo Copper Mine Limited
1580 12954-HQ-SML Lwimbo Copper Mine Limited
1582 13008-HQ-SML Base Metalic Zambia Limited
1583 13227-HQ-SML Dason Zambia Limited
1585 13704-HQ-SML Peco Limited
1586 14187-HQ-SML Ndodzomuyaco Mining Limited
1587 14388-HQ-SML Chikaseka Gemstone Mining Limited
1588 14775-HQ-SML Kampelembe CSS Mines Ltd
1590 14869-HQ-SML Chowa Mining and Exploration Co. Ltd
1592 15304-HQ-SML Eagle Joseph International Investments Limited
1593 15431-HQ-SML Aggregates Limited
1594 15510-HQ-SML SW & GVA Mining Company Ltd
1595 15958-HQ-SML Scotglen Mining Zambia Limited
1596 16208-HQ-SML Chakuza Mining & Exploration Limited
1597 16376-HQ-SML Tawakkal Gems Investments Co. Limited
1598 16433-HQ-SML BigHope Mining Ltd
1599 16745-HQ-SML Proximity Mining and Engineering Company Ltd
1600 16771-HQ-SML Aguia Minerals Resources Limited
1601 16858-HQ-SML Drew Invetsments Limited
1602 16926-HQ-SML Bwamu Mining Company Limited
1603 17207-HQ-SML kJ Mining Investments Limited
1604 17390-HQ-SML Jasper-Oko Berly Zambia Limited
1605 17743-HQ-SML Diakite Minerals Purple Gem Limited
1606 17763-HQ-SML John Matongo
1607 17891-HQ-SML Frank B Simbeye
1608 18055-HQ-SML Yuanhua Investment Limited
1609 18084-HQ-SML Benias Folokwe
1610 18559-HQ-SML African Canary Mining CO. Ltd
1611 18947-HQ-SML Kafubu Limestone Limited
1612 18998-HQ-SML Pak Zambia Limited
1613 19007-HQ-SML Kapetamendo Mineral Resources Ltd
1614 19008-HQ-SML Kapetamendo Mineral Resources Ltd
1615 19046-HQ-SML Ilola Mining Company Limited
1616 19107-HQ-SML Chifyalwa Mining Company Limited
1617 19108-HQ-SML GTJ Mining Limited
1618 19143-HQ-SML G & G National Wide Zambia Limited
1619 19165-HQ-SML Given Kapalu
1620 19223-HQ-SML F & A Gemstone & Trading Company Limited
1621 19224-HQ-SML Kitanikwa Trading Enterprises Limited
1622 19225-HQ-SML Davis S Mwanamoya
1623 19260-HQ-SML Chama Minerals Resources Limited
1624 19304-HQ-SML Nisco Industtries Ltd
1625 19305-HQ-SML Daniel Chola Ponde
1626 19307-HQ-SML MWEKO Industries Limited
1627 19342-HQ-SML Mercury Lines Limited
1628 19419-HQ-SML Chizi Namuchimba
1629 19442-HQ-SML Flight Mining Limited
1630 19489-HQ-SML Grakel Sal Zambia Limited
1631 19577-HQ-SML Zamstone Quarries Ltd
1632 19578-HQ-SML Zamstone Quarries Ltd
1633 19633-HQ-SML Kamengo Mining Limited (0%)
1634 19645-HQ-SML Smart Wood Limited
1635 19661-HQ-SML Kasompe Mining Limited
1636 19688-HQ-SML Jordatues General Delears Limited
1637 19699-HQ-SML Charizma Enterprises Limited
1638 19714-HQ-SML Mwengwe Yvette Mutenta
1639 19738-HQ-SML Pachida Mining Company Limited
1640 19757-HQ-SML Reuben Tedy Sambo
1641 19779-HQ-SML MWEKO Industries Limited
1642 19825-HQ-SML Mercy Mayani
1643 19843-HQ-SML Winter Libbohole
1644 19852-HQ-SML Dalobelt Zambia Limited
1645 19853-HQ-SML Dalobelt Zambia Limited
1646 19855-HQ-SML Chivas Mining and Supplies Limited
1647 19857-HQ-SML JBK Mining Compant LTD
1648 19862-HQ-SML Kovichi Contractors and Suppliers Limited
1649 19863-HQ-SML Kovichi Contractors and Suppliers Limited
1650 19871-HQ-SML Josewas Mines Limited
1651 19887-HQ-SML Gumba Gemstones Mining Limited
1652 19893-HQ-SML Lemmy Mutema
1653 19899-HQ-SML Chichoke Investments Limited
1654 19915-HQ-SML Anyikenu Mining Company Limited
1655 20013-HQ-SML Fleuve Stones Limited
1656 20035-HQ-SML Princica Chabanga
1657 20058-HQ-SML Blue Dream Investment Limited
1658 20101-HQ-SML Annanual Mining Limited
1659 20102-HQ-SML Nchimunya Mooba
1660 20103-HQ-SML Elohim Copperfields Limited
1661 20121-HQ-SML United Gypsum Investments Limited
1662 20208-HQ-SML Silchil Construction Solutions Ltd
1663 20212-HQ-SML Make Makweja Farming and Construction Limited.
1664 20231-HQ-SML Kathel Mining Limited
1665 20276-HQ-SML Kabololwe Gem Minerals Limited
1666 20277-HQ-SML Andrew Mwape
1667 20293-HQ-SML Kabula Exploration Limited
1668 20372-HQ-SML Supremacy Investment Limited
1669 20415-HQ-SML Zanase Investments Limited
1670 20429-HQ-SML Sonjela Mining Limited
1671 20437-HQ-SML Anyikenu Mining Company Limited
1672 20478-HQ-SML Sunday Sinyangwe
1673 20537-HQ-SML Freddy Shakwamba
1674 20604-HQ-SML Richarz General Dealers Limited
1675 20629-HQ-SML King Edward Mining Services Limited
1676 20654-HQ-SML Jazzman Chikwakwa
1677 20695-HQ-SML Sunday Sinyangwe
1678 20749-HQ-SML Alethia Belt Capital Limited
1679 20855-HQ-SML Sew Rara Minerals Zambia Limited
1680 20856-HQ-SML Sew Rara Minerals Zambia Limited
1681 21344-HQ-SML Sunshine Eagle Mining Ltd
1682 21448-HQ-SML Sew Base Metals Zambia Limited
1683 21998-HQ-SML GTD Mining Limited
1684 22038-HQ-SML Ba’al-Perazim Limited
1685 22282-HQ-SML Avasya Sew Zambia Limited
1686 22390-HQ-SML Avasya Sew Zambia Limited
1687 22481-HQ-SML Tian Investments Limited
1688 22507-HQ-SML Ifisuma Tafisa Bwangu Mining Company Ltd
1689 22667-HQ-SML Kaka Eagles Wings Resources Limited
1690 22745-HQ-SML Chilustone Investments Limited
1691 22793-HQ-SML Kyulu Development Trust
1692 23064-HQ-SML Starmiles Enterprises Limited
1693 23082-HQ-SML Jenipher Ng’andu Mining & Services Limited
1694 23486-HQ-SML Bwigem Mining Limited
1695 23849-HQ-SML Saks Stone Limited
1696 23855-HQ-SML MCK Mining Zambia Limited
1697 24209-HQ-SML Tancol Minerals Limited
1698 24210-HQ-SML Tancol Minerals Limited
1699 24211-HQ-SML Tancol Minerals Limited
1700 24573-HQ-SML Stone Edge Mining Zambia Limited
1701 24828-HQ-SML Kunda Mine Limited
1702 24881-HQ-SML Designer Rocks Zambia Limited
1703 24997-HQ-SML African Minerals and Metals Corporation Limited
1704 25117-HQ-SML Sonkolo Mines & General Dealers Ltd
1705 25209-HQ-SML Fortified Mining and General Dealers Limited
1706 25854-HQ-SML Royal Carats Gems Limited
1707 25855-HQ-SML Royal Carats Gems Limited
1708 25902-HQ-SML Snap Trucking and Trading Limited
1709 26008-HQ-SML Umuntu Resources Limited
1710 26474-HQ-SML Good Stone Mining Limited
1711 26490-HQ-SML Smart Wood Limited
1712 26764-HQ-SML Mwilwa Investements and Minerals Zambia Limted.
1713 27405-HQ-SML Metro Mining Limited
1714 27491-HQ-SML Huanbao Enterprise Limited
1715 27629-HQ-SML M & L Prudent Solutions Limited
1716 27837-HQ-SML Lotus Mining Limited
1717 28203-HQ-SML M & L Prudent Solutions Limited
1718 28636-HQ-SML Colchi Farms Limited
1719 28638-HQ-SML Colchi Farms Limited
1720 28871-HQ-SML Bumpekete Mining & Exploration Limited
1721 28886-HQ-SML Build Gene Mining and Construction Limited
1722 28999-HQ-SML King of Ore Mine Limited
1723 29491-HQ-SML Kabundi Resources Limited
1724 29775-HQ-SML Nyakaula Gemstones (2019) Limited
1725 7666-HQ-SML Mwangeli Emerald Mining Limited
1726 7677-HQ-SML Kalubwe Mining Limited
1727 18313-HQ-SML Patmos Suppliers & Constructor Ltd
1728 18403-HQ-SML Simana Investment Ltd
1729 18509-HQ-SML G & G National Wide Zambia Ltd
1730 19115-HQ-SML Charizma Enterprises Limited
1731 19144-HQ-SML MNS Global World Limited
1732 30262-HQ-LEL Wan Mei Investments Limited
1733 30472-HQ-LEL Mother Load Deposits Limited
1734 26685-HQ-SEL Andt Corporation Limited
1735 30439-HQ-LEL Mother Load Deposits Limited (100%)
1736 30193-HQ-LEL Anointed Mining and Drilling Company Limited
1737 30611-HQ-LEL Minebrite Resources Limited
1738 30463-HQ-LEL Mukamwiza Trading Company Limited (100%)
1739 29496-HQ-LEL F-Net Zambia Limited
1740 30690-HQ-LEL Abdahom Mining Limited (100%)
1741 30035-HQ-SEL Anahela Gold Mining Co-operative Society Limited
1742 30064-HQ-SEL Motomine Zambia Limited
1743 29125-HQ-LEL Bulala Mining Limited
1744 29301-HQ-SEL Koinonia Zambia Limited
1745 30370-HQ-SEL Sulphur Creek Resources Limited
1746 30625-HQ-SEL Abdahom Mining Limited
1747 30775-HQ-LEL Zejun Investment Limited
1748 30742-HQ-LEL G & G National Wide Mining Zambia Limited
1749 30347-HQ-LEL Langsen Investements Limited
1750 30207-HQ-LEL North Operation Limited (100%)
1751 30307-HQ-SEL Stavin Investements Limited
1752 30308-HQ-SEL Stavin Investements Limited
1753 28495-HQ-LEL Happy Hills Minerals Limited
1754 29127-HQ-LEL Aarey Mining Limited
1755 29407-HQ-LEL African Crane Hiring and Logistics Limited (100%)
1756 30651-HQ-LEL Maliot Goldhill Zambia Limited
1757 29855-HQ-LEL Denninga World Markets Agency Limited
1758 30298-HQ-SEL Golden Procurement and Suppliers
1759 30027-HQ-SEL Over Resources Limited
1760 30483-HQ-LEL Gilton Trading  & General Construction Limited
1761 30848-HQ-SEL Kandi Mining and General Dealers Limited
1762 30954-HQ-SEL Gold Tree Investment Limited
1763 29788-HQ-LEL Bukota Company Limited
1764 30297-HQ-SEL Golden Procurement and Suppliers
1765 29938-HQ-SEL Queludha Limited
1766 30078-HQ-LEL Pinak Resources Zambia Limited
1767 29292-HQ-LEL Orbit Base Metals Limited
1768 30594-HQ-SEL Mother Load Deposits Limited
1769 30221-HQ-SEL Zamkon Construction Limited
1770 29856-HQ-SEL Denninga World Markets Agency Limited
1771 30705-HQ-LEL Environmental Spirit Strategies Limited
1772 29102-HQ-LEL Tripple M Mining Limited
1773 29920-HQ-SEL Tulututwe Mining Limited (100%)
1774 29917-HQ-LEL Walicho Enterprise Limited
1775 30765-HQ-LEL Mega Press Limited
1776 30559-HQ-LEL Lanxing Investment Limited
1777 30741-HQ-SEL G & G National Wide Mining Zambia Limited
1778 29899-HQ-SEL Lusenga Ranch Limited
1779 30577-HQ-SEL Lusenga Ranch Limited
1780 30725-HQ-LEL Anand  Steel Resources Zambia Limited
1781 27159-HQ-LEL Starshine Mineral Resources Limited
1782 29889-HQ-SEL Nuvibrant Solutions Limited
1783 30216-HQ-SEL BGLG Limited
1784 30595-HQ-SEL Frank Shewitt Enterprises Limited
1785 30596-HQ-SEL Frank Shewitt Enterprises Limited
1786 29424-HQ-LEL KAM Minerals Limited
1787 30305-HQ-SEL Sanjay and Krishna Investements Limited
1788 30257-HQ-LEL Mistique Trading Limited (100%)
1789 30526-HQ-LEL Ross Metals Limited
1790 30183-HQ-SEL Kaliwi Resources Zambia Limited (100%)
1791 30197-HQ-SEL Kaliwi Resources Zambia Limited
1792 30635-HQ-SEL Zincline Mineral Resources Limited
1793 30802-HQ-LEL Senke Investment Limited
1794 30513-HQ-SEL Alliance Minerals Limited  (100%)
1795 30531-HQ-LEL Pearl Legacy Investments Limited (100%)
1796 30626-HQ-SEL Konige Mining and Exploration Limited
1797 30752-HQ-SEL Tecla Mining Limited
1798 29545-HQ-LEL Chilikita Copper Mining Limited
1799 30532-HQ-LEL Imperial Resources Limited (100%)
1800 30602-HQ-LEL Zaragoza Mining Limited
1801 30121-HQ-LEL Elec- Mec Limited
1802 30751-HQ-SEL Palosha Investments Limited
1803 29193-HQ-SEL Maliot Goldhill Zambia Limited
1804 30334-HQ-LEL Gulf Drilling Limited
1805 30606-HQ-SEL RockModeller Company Limited
1806 28616-HQ-SEL Chambishi Milling Company Limited
1807 28617-HQ-LEL Chambishi Milling Company Limited
1808 28686-HQ-LEL Archean Xplore Limited
1809 29735-HQ-SEL LA Tashen Limited
1810 23745-HQ-SEL Lawsom investments limited
1811 28570-HQ-SEL Chamin General Suppliers Limited (100%)
1812 29380-HQ-SEL Butemwe Farming Services Limited
1813 30476-HQ-LEL Saurashtra Mining and Exploration Limited
1814 30490-HQ-LEL Saurashtra Mining and Exploration Limited (100%)
1815 30493-HQ-SEL Magna Vita Investments Limited (100%)
1816 29377-HQ-LEL Kale Earths Limited
1817 30272-HQ-SEL Blue Star Mining Limited (100%)
1818 30566-HQ-SEL Kenaka Longa Mining Limited
1819 29664-HQ-SEL Fogoki Investments Zambia Limited
1820 30077-HQ-SEL Vitendwe Mine Limited
1821 30382-HQ-SEL Mfunshi Enterprise Limited
1822 30494-HQ-LEL Magna Vita Investments Limited
1823 30399-HQ-SEL Nachi Mining Limited
1824 30565-HQ-SEL Kenaka Longa Mining Limited
1825 29993-HQ-SEL Switty Properties & Real Estate Limited (100%)
1826 30212-HQ-SEL Kaliwi Resources Zambia Limited
1827 30581-HQ-SEL Safearth Mining Limited
1828 30172-HQ-LEL Falcon Ventures Limited
1829 30438-HQ-LEL BuildFreca Construction Limited (100%)
1830 26996-HQ-SEL Brimamwa Mining and Explorations Limited
1831 28895-HQ-SEL Brimamwa Mining and Explorations Limited
1832 29949-HQ-SEL Greenhouse Mining and Exploration Limited
1833 28005-HQ-SEL Benchmark Mining Limited
1834 29740-HQ-SEL Vanzetti Mining Limited
1835 29896-HQ-LEL Sparkler Mining and Exploration Limited
1836 29904-HQ-LEL Sparkler Mining and Exploration Limited
1837 28954-HQ-SEL Ghirrys Mining Limited
1838 29551-HQ-SEL Mlima Mining Investment Limited
1839 30179-HQ-SEL Fogoki Investments Zambia Limited
1840 30024-HQ-SEL Freshstart Emerald Mining Limited
1841 28791-HQ-LEL Wizmanso Mineral  Resources Limited
1842 29990-HQ-SEL Mz Mundawanga Minerals Limited
1843 29114-HQ-LEL Chifrica Metals Limited
1844 29994-HQ-LEL Mwema Mining Investment Limited
1845 29747-HQ-SEL MM Instant Pay Limited
1846 29844-HQ-SEL Kamaya Mining Limited (100%)
1847 28084-HQ-LEL Sanket Mineral Exploration Limited
1848 29521-HQ-SEL Caluza Investments Zambia Limited
1849 29642-HQ-SEL East-Tech Investments Limited
1850 29769-HQ-SEL Three Stars Mining Company Limited
1851 30044-HQ-SEL Fogoki Investments Zambia Limited
1852 30104-HQ-SEL Tropical Mine Investments Zambia Limited
1853 29751-HQ-SEL MM Instant Pay Limited
1854 29822-HQ-SEL MM Instant Pay Limited
1855 30016-HQ-SEL Attarah Resources Limited
1856 29453-HQ-LEL Premia Sourcing and Trading Limited
1857 29985-HQ-LEL Kale Mining Limited
1858 30168-HQ-LEL Julien Engineering Zambia Limited
1859 29720-HQ-LEL Mwepago Mineral Resource Limited (100%)
1860 30039-HQ-SEL Minsundu Gemstone Mining Limited
1861 27730-HQ-SEL Gardens Walls and Water Features Limited
1862 29832-HQ-SEL Garden Walls and Water Features Limited (100%)
1863 29722-HQ-LEL Chambishi Milling Company Limited
1864 29826-HQ-LEL Buyaco Intergrated Limited
1865 29957-HQ-LEL LA Tashen Limited
1866 29992-HQ-SEL Malesa Copper Limited
1867 29266-HQ-LEL Mz Mundawanga Minerals Limited
1868 30075-HQ-SEL Liv Misho Investment Company Limited
1869 30148-HQ-LEL Panzimu Investment Limited
1870 30151-HQ-LEL Kubanta Investements Limited
1871 28360-HQ-LEL Tripple M Mining Limited
1872 30049-HQ-LEL Choice Minerals Limited
1873 30228-HQ-LEL Violands Investment Limited
1874 30229-HQ-SEL Violands Investment Limited
1875 28176-HQ-LEL Novel Ferro Alloys Limited
1876 29936-HQ-LEL Minetech Resources Limited
1877 29954-HQ-LEL Mwema Mining Investment Limited
1878 30346-HQ-SEL Silverbay Limited
1879 29324-HQ-SEL Caluza Investments Zambia Limited
1880 28504-HQ-SEL Eedflo Rare Mining Limited
1881 29113-HQ-SEL Nyakaula Gemstone (2019) Limited
1882 29718-HQ-LEL Maluka Mining Limited (100%)
1883 29038-HQ-LEL Chrizzima Mupondamatiki Mining Limited
1884 29039-HQ-LEL Chrizzima Mupondamatiki Mining Limited
1885 27991-HQ-SEL Sunrain Purified Construction Limited
1886 28273-HQ-LEL Mfumu Property Group Limited (100%)
1887 28104-HQ-SEL Zametal Corporation Limited
1888 28801-HQ-LEL Tehila Milling Limited
1889 29011-HQ-SEL Petrushka Trading Limited (100%)
1890 29286-HQ-LEL Lifetech Investment Limited (100%)
1891 29283-HQ-LEL Pladoc Engineering Limited
1892 21538-HQ-SEL Frademy Zambia Limited
1893 29105-HQ-LEL Kemo Contractors Limited
1894 29633-HQ-LEL Kabulyeni Mining Limited (100%)
1895 29768-HQ-SEL Stekon Trading Company Limited
1896 25058-HQ-SEL Minsundu Gemstone Mining Limited (100%)
1897 29364-HQ-SEL Gold King Minerals Limited
1898 29552-HQ-SEL Luambulu Mining Limited
1899 29553-HQ-SEL Luambulu Mining Limited
1900 29554-HQ-SEL Luambulu Mining Limited
1901 29555-HQ-SEL Luambulu Mining Limited
1902 29623-HQ-SEL Minsundu Gemstone Mining Limited (100%)
1903 29624-HQ-LEL Minsundu Gemstone Mining Limited (100%)
1904 28115-HQ-LEL Chita Lodge Limited
1905 29304-HQ-SEL Unirite Investments Limited
1906 26951-HQ-LEL Havfree International Trade (pty) Limited
1907 29487-HQ-SEL Kapelo Enterprise Limited
1908 29165-HQ-SEL  Concrete Structures Limited (100%)
1909 29166-HQ-SEL  Concrete Structures Limited (100%)
1910 29265-HQ-SEL Rabven Ventures Limited (100%)
1911 29297-HQ-SEL MM Instant Pay Limited
1912 29359-HQ-LEL Kadaiah Resources Limited
1913 29415-HQ-LEL Nthanda Investments Limited
1914 29610-HQ-LEL Cadasa Investments Limited
1915 27944-HQ-LEL African Global Super Center Limited
1916 29009-HQ-LEL Nthanda Investments Limited
1917 29597-HQ-LEL Ventus Properties Limited
1918 29599-HQ-LEL Ventus Properties Limited
1919 29423-HQ-LEL KAM Minerals Limited
1920 29486-HQ-SEL Moble Minerals Limited (100%)
1921 28769-HQ-SEL G. M. M Business Associate Services Limited
1922 29173-HQ-SEL Masuku Copper Development Limited
1923 29371-HQ-LEL Sulphur Creek Resources Limited
1924 29473-HQ-LEL Coppersprings Minerals Limited
1925 29527-HQ-LEL Smooth Mining and Engineering Services Limited
1926 29616-HQ-SEL Ula Mineral Resources Limited (100%)
1927 29628-HQ-SEL Dabbat Investments Limited
1928 29662-HQ-LEL Coppersprings Minerals Limited
1929 26611-HQ-LEL Discovery Mineral Resources Limited
1930 28041-HQ-LEL Newcrest Mining Limited
1931 28580-HQ-LEL Uniwide Logistics Limited (100%)
1932 28972-HQ-LEL Routeld Investments Limited
1933 29264-HQ-LEL Vista Cotlands Consultants Limited
1934 29338-HQ-SEL Kadaiah Resources Limited
1935 29339-HQ-LEL Kadaiah Resources Limited
1936 29540-HQ-SEL Jamboree Investments Limited
1937 29568-HQ-SEL Multi-Zed Mining & Contractors Zambia Ltd
1938 28484-HQ-SEL Sipho Holding Limited
1939 29058-HQ-SEL Indigo Pearl Company Limited
1940 29572-HQ-SEL Timna Valley Resources Limited
1941 29305-HQ-LEL Freca Platinum Limited
1942 29332-HQ-SEL Baza Resources Limited
1943 28969-HQ-LEL Fort Jameson Gold Fields Limited
1944 29512-HQ-LEL Zaaminco Mining Limited (100%)
1945 28552-HQ-SEL G Hambulo Investments Limited
1946 29185-HQ-SEL Naven Quarries and Construction (100%)
1947 29396-HQ-LEL Vundu Minerals Limited (100%)
1948 29398-HQ-LEL Vundu Minerals Limited
1949 29613-HQ-LEL Vundu Minerals Limited
1950 29739-HQ-SEL Vanzetti Mining Limited
1951 27058-HQ-LEL Lorella Products Limited
1952 27377-HQ-LEL Chembe Twesheko Project
1953 28320-HQ-LEL Rio Resources Zambia Limited
1954 29025-HQ-LEL Kemo Contractors Limited
1955 29112-HQ-LEL Hidden Treasures Mining Limited
1956 29263-HQ-LEL Kemo Contractors Limited
1957 29386-HQ-LEL Kadaiah Resources Limited
1958 29416-HQ-LEL Ecotrade Resources Limited
1959 29115-HQ-LEL KAM Minerals Limited
1960 29180-HQ-LEL Mlima Mining Investment Limited
1961 29417-HQ-LEL Omni Contractors Limited
1962 28423-HQ-LEL MM Copiers and Electronics Limited
1963 28230-HQ-LEL Mukema Minerals Limited
1964 28967-HQ-SEL Madbull General Dealers Limited
1965 29245-HQ-SEL Chisungusho Investments Limited
1966 29601-HQ-SEL Daf Mine Limited
1967 29199-HQ-SEL Digital African Company Limited
1968 29202-HQ-SEL Namwasi Gems Limited (100%)
1969 29451-HQ-SEL Mlima Mining Investment Limited
1970 29514-HQ-SEL Penetrer  Zambia Limited (100%)
1971 29584-HQ-SEL George Mambwe Enterprises Limited
1972 27330-HQ-SEL Claycrete Mining Limited
1973 29091-HQ-SEL Rockstone Resources Limited
1974 29160-HQ-LEL Claycrete Mining Limited
1975 29225-HQ-SEL Unirate Investments Limited  (100%)
1976 29432-HQ-SEL Valerius Resources Zambia Limited
1977 29433-HQ-SEL Valerius Resources Zambia Limited
1978 29434-HQ-SEL Valerius Resources Zambia Limited
1979 29643-HQ-LEL Sidhi Vinayak Base Metal Limited
1980 29644-HQ-LEL Sidhi Vinayak Base Metal Limited
1981 29648-HQ-LEL Sidhi Vinayak Base Metal Limited
1982 29420-HQ-LEL Devaberakhah Mining Zambia Limited
1983 27954-HQ-LEL Esmeralda Investments Limited
1984 28778-HQ-LEL Kunigal Murthy Minerals limited
1985 29228-HQ-LEL Kadaiah Resources Limited
1986 29238-HQ-LEL Kamonu Exploration and Mining Limited (100%)
1987 29659-HQ-SEL East-Tech Investments Limited
1988 29731-HQ-SEL Hossain Enterprises Limited (100%)
1989 29764-HQ-SEL Jinhui Minerals Limited
1990 28784-HQ-SEL Kasinta Mining Limited
1991 29299-HQ-LEL Koinonia Zambia Limited
1992 29300-HQ-SEL Koinonia Zambia Limited
1993 29557-HQ-SEL Kasinta Mining Limited
1994 29390-HQ-SEL Qarter Innovations Limited
1995 29412-HQ-SEL Luwan Excellency Investments Limited
1996 27553-HQ-SEL Gem Acres Mines Limited
1997 27978-HQ-LEL Lamasat International Zambia Limited
1998 28763-HQ-SEL Olives Investments Company Limited
1999 29082-HQ-SEL Wandsworth Company Limited (100%)
2000 27812-HQ-SEL Mumfunshya Mining Limited
2001 28415-HQ-SEL Sem Minerals Limited
2002 28557-HQ-LEL Musenge Resources Limited
2003 29162-HQ-SEL Summit Management Limited
2004 29222-HQ-SEL Zomsampa Holdings Limited
2005 28770-HQ-SEL C.M.D Dreamland Mining Limited
2006 29084-HQ-LEL Kale Earths Limited
2007 29143-HQ-SEL Mastano Mining and Logistics Limited
2008 29509-HQ-LEL NGM Consulting Engineers Limited (100%)
2009 28687-HQ-SEL La Reine Fleur Limited (100%)
2010 29174-HQ-SEL Abel- Blackson Services Limited
2011 29035-HQ-SEL Lusangazi Nyakulemba Gold Minerals Resources Limited
2012 29121-HQ-SEL Beatis Ventura Limited
2013 29205-HQ-SEL Kapelo Enterprise Limited
2014 29248-HQ-SEL Masob General Dealers Limited (100%)
2015 29259-HQ-SEL Masob General Dealers Limited (100%)
2016 29163-HQ-SEL TSSG Mining Limited
2017 29476-HQ-SEL Afro Development Services Limited (100%)
2018 29495-HQ-SEL Archean Xplore Limited
2019 29254-HQ-SEL Rightstuff Commodities Limited
2020 29274-HQ-LEL Mwepago Mineral Resource Limited (100%)
2021 27529-HQ-LEL Zombe Mining Limited (100%)
2022 28209-HQ-LEL Chambishi Milling Company Limited
2023 29083-HQ-LEL Kale Earths Limited
2024 29221-HQ-SEL Sabi Lodges and Adventures Limited
2025 29242-HQ-SEL Chiponde Mining Company Limited
2026 29255-HQ-LEL Mwepago Mineral Resources Limited (100%)
2027 29256-HQ-LEL Mwepago Mineral Resource Limited
2028 29250-HQ-SEL Masob General Dealers Limited
2029 29260-HQ-SEL Global Choice General Suppliers (100%)
2030 29220-HQ-SEL Alhuda Investments Limited
2031 29285-HQ-LEL NGM Consulting Engineers Limited (100%)
2032 29510-HQ-LEL NGM Consulting Engineers Limited (100%)
2033 28993-HQ-LEL Matobwe Investments Limited
2034 29129-HQ-SEL New Wave Mining Limited
2035 29382-HQ-SEL Nkanmu Investments Limited
2036 28958-HQ-SEL Taranga Resources Limited
2037 28959-HQ-SEL Taranga Resources Limited
2038 29229-HQ-SEL Kasonta Resources Limited
2039 29230-HQ-SEL Kasonta Resources Limited
2040 29251-HQ-SEL Masob General Dealers Limited
2041 29272-HQ-SEL Kasonta Resources Limited (100%)
2042 29281-HQ-SEL Mobile Shaft Metals Limited
2043 27742-HQ-SEL Premiere Consolidated Mining Limited
2044 28742-HQ-SEL Azadi Investment Limited
2045 28775-HQ-SEL Cheban Mining Limited
2046 28790-HQ-LEL Wizmanso Mineral  Resources Limited
2047 28898-HQ-SEL Alcor International Limited
2048 28899-HQ-SEL Alcor International Limited
2049 29087-HQ-LEL Zumran Mining and Exploration Limited
2050 29104-HQ-LEL Zumran Mining and Exploration Limited
2051 29240-HQ-SEL Afritrans Global Investments Limited (100%)
2052 27582-HQ-LEL Goldline Mining Limited (100%)
2053 28602-HQ-SEL Global Dynamics Mining Limited
2054 29027-HQ-SEL Sonkolo Mines & General Dealers Ltd
2055 29191-HQ-SEL Chun Chun Mining Zambia Limited
2056 29322-HQ-LEL Highland Mines and Minerals Limited
2057 27300-HQ-SEL Vines Investments Limited
2058 27606-HQ-SEL Helemart Investments Limited
2059 29544-HQ-SEL Cobaltco Zambia Limited
2060 29567-HQ-LEL F-Net Zambia Limited
2061 27781-HQ-SEL Athena Investments Limited
2062 29062-HQ-LEL Taurus Partners Limited
2063 28943-HQ-SEL Redgem Resources Limited
2064 26563-HQ-LEL Kavs Equipment Limited
2065 27476-HQ-SEL Longpula Investments Limited
2066 27477-HQ-SEL Longpula Investments Limited
2067 27115-HQ-SEL Wanron Trading Limited
2068 29073-HQ-LEL Gehaanto Enterprises Limited (100%)
2069 28885-HQ-SEL Kaluano Mining Limited (100%)
2070 28888-HQ-LEL Damavand Minerals Limited (100%)
2071 28986-HQ-SEL Malesa Copper Limited
2072 28231-HQ-LEL JSK Mineral Resources Limited
2073 28989-HQ-SEL Malesa Copper Limited
2074 28546-HQ-SEL Wellstone Investment Limited
2075 28614-HQ-SEL Dan’s Executive Lodge Limited
2076 29077-HQ-SEL Buyaco Intergrated Limited
2077 27031-HQ-SEL C and H Logistics and Resources Limited
2078 27144-HQ-SEL Wayne Consultants & Resources Limited
2079 28595-HQ-SEL Koinonia Zambia Limited
2080 27061-HQ-SEL Esteemed Trading and Investments Limited
2081 28713-HQ-LEL TSSG Mining Limited (100%)
2082 28789-HQ-LEL Victern Resources Limited
2083 28762-HQ-SEL Uni-Suppliers Limited (100%)
2084 28148-HQ-SEL Petrushka Trading Limited
2085 28307-HQ-SEL Valerius Resources Zambia Limited (100%)
2086 29002-HQ-LEL Hidden Treasures Mining Limited
2087 28803-HQ-SEL Awan Zambia Limited
2088 28806-HQ-SEL Awan Zambia Limited
2089 27212-HQ-SEL Bishop Logistics and General Dealers Limited
2090 28889-HQ-LEL Damavand Minerals Limited
2091 28232-HQ-SEL Universal Safety Solution Limited
2092 28374-HQ-SEL Franknew Mining Limited
2093 28644-HQ-LEL Mfumu Property Group Limited
2094 28937-HQ-SEL Joysam Enterprise Limited
2095 28939-HQ-SEL Joysam Enterprise Limited
2096 28944-HQ-LEL KAM Minerals Limited
2097 28952-HQ-SEL Josong Mining Limited
2098 28955-HQ-SEL TSSG Mining Limited
2099 28956-HQ-SEL TSSG Mining Limited
2100 28957-HQ-SEL TSSG Mining Limited
2101 29072-HQ-LEL Elawis Gypsum Limited (100%)
2102 28683-HQ-SEL Kateta Mining Limited (100%)
2103 29060-HQ-SEL GFM Logistics Limited
2104 27604-HQ-SEL Helemart Investments Limited
2105 28440-HQ-LEL Maxsma Minerals Limited
2106 28964-HQ-SEL East-Tech Investments Limited (100%)
2107 28702-HQ-SEL AAZ Investments Limited
2108 28703-HQ-SEL AAZ Investments Limited
2109 28704-HQ-SEL AAZ Investments Limited
2110 28974-HQ-LEL Truststars Mining and Investments Limited
2111 29022-HQ-SEL AAZ Investments Limited (100%)
2112 29023-HQ-SEL AAZ Investments Limited (100%)
2113 29148-HQ-SEL Scales Worth Resources Limited (100%)
2114 28634-HQ-SEL Zam-Kirin Mining Limited
2115 28646-HQ-LEL Zamkon Construction Limited
2116 28741-HQ-LEL Trustnet Consultancy Limited
2117 29088-HQ-SEL Sutton Consulting Zambia Limited
2118 29095-HQ-SEL Stekon Trading Company Limited
2119 28776-HQ-SEL Bigling Investments Limited
2120 28930-HQ-SEL Worthymore Investment Holdings Limited
2121 29036-HQ-LEL Dutch Mining & Processing Limited
2122 29066-HQ-SEL Talgz Innovation Limited (100%)
2123 28390-HQ-LEL Xingstone Resources Limited
2124 28499-HQ-SEL Psalms Auto Spares Limited (100%)
2125 28599-HQ-LEL Yobe Gems Limited (100%)
2126 28730-HQ-SEL Xingstone Resources Limited
2127 28811-HQ-LEL Chilukanyi Mining Zambia Limited
2128 28875-HQ-SEL Now Import and Export Zambia Limited
2129 28977-HQ-SEL Tip Top Max Ventures Company Limited (100%)
2130 28821-HQ-LEL Dr Ice Enterprise Limited
2131 28824-HQ-SEL Taranga Resources Limited
2132 28905-HQ-SEL Amiel Partners Limited
2133 28728-HQ-SEL Grhin Mine Limited
2134 28542-HQ-SEL Coppersprings Minerals Limited
2135 28571-HQ-SEL Bigling Investments Limited (100%)
2136 26023-HQ-SEL Basemetalic Zambia Limited
2137 28782-HQ-LEL Quest Industries Limited
2138 28946-HQ-LEL Ntamba Mweru Copper Mine Limited
2139 28677-HQ-SEL Kamaya Mining Limited
2140 28678-HQ-SEL Kamaya Mining Limited
2141 28693-HQ-LEL Jisanshi Investments Limited
2142 28718-HQ-SEL Jinhui Minerals Limited
2143 27657-HQ-SEL Navi Mining Limited
2144 28283-HQ-SEL Istone Minerals Limited
2145 28717-HQ-SEL Jinhui Minerals Limited
2146 26572-HQ-SEL Kabundi Resources Limited
2147 26573-HQ-SEL Kabundi Resources Limited
2148 28274-HQ-LEL Jedel Enterprises Limited
2149 26581-HQ-LEL Discovery Mineral Resources Limited
2150 28781-HQ-LEL Maxsma Minerals Limited
2151 27585-HQ-SEL Kingdom Treasures Mining Limited
2152 28486-HQ-SEL Nyakaula Gemstones (2019) Limited
2153 28913-HQ-LEL Malenkho General Dealers Limited
2154 28750-HQ-LEL Lekase Mining Limited
2155 28780-HQ-SEL No Sleeping Investements Limited
2156 28876-HQ-SEL Mobile Shaft Metals Limited
2157 27464-HQ-LEL Stavin Investements Limited
2158 28632-HQ-SEL Jayhoff Limited
2159 28642-HQ-SEL Superior Success Enterprise Limited
2160 23051-HQ-SEL Roan Mineral Resources Company Ltd
2161 28434-HQ-SEL Bubala Mining and Construction Limited
2162 28653-HQ-SEL Anathoth Resources Limited
2163 24370-HQ-LEL Hillia General Dealers Limited
2164 24583-HQ-SEL Shaktishree Resources Limited
2165 28061-HQ-SEL Wilna Enterprises Limited
2166 28262-HQ-SEL Zhongcheng Ventures Limited
2167 28342-HQ-SEL Munsongo’s Five Investments Limited
2168 28794-HQ-SEL PH Holdings Zambia Limited
2169 28828-HQ-SEL G-Tec Limited
2170 21168-HQ-SEL Sckm Mining Company Limited
2171 28062-HQ-SEL Wilna Enterprises Limited
2172 28086-HQ-LEL M & N Industrial Merchants Limited
2173 28849-HQ-LEL Talgz Innovation Limited (100%)
2174 27560-HQ-LEL Footmarks Limited
2175 27902-HQ-SEL Iron Man Mining Limited (100%)
2176 28053-HQ-SEL Solplus Holdings Limited
2177 28431-HQ-SEL Lifestone Minerals Limited
2178 28659-HQ-SEL Kamwenshya Mineral Zambia Limited  (100%)
2179 28792-HQ-SEL Bwacha Nesamushi Investments Limited
2180 28327-HQ-SEL Lifestone Minerals Limited
2181 28361-HQ-SEL Lifestone Minerals Limited
2182 28362-HQ-SEL Lifestone Minerals Limited
2183 28430-HQ-SEL Wellstone Investment Limited
2184 28757-HQ-SEL Chesu Mining Limited
2185 27962-HQ-LEL Mukema Minerals Limited
2186 28494-HQ-LEL Zmmz Mining Limited
2187 27682-HQ-LEL Josong Mining Limited
2188 28584-HQ-LEL SRK Mining Company Limited
2189 28701-HQ-SEL Redgem Resources Limited
2190 25939-HQ-SEL Capstone Management Company Limited
2191 28493-HQ-SEL Joel Nelson Mining Limited (100%)
2192 28444-HQ-LEL Integrity Mining Limited
2193 28006-HQ-SEL Group A.D. Five-M Limited
2194 28332-HQ-SEL Biney Solutions Limited
2195 28496-HQ-SEL Psalms Auto Spares Limited
2196 28497-HQ-SEL Psalms Auto Spares Limited
2197 28498-HQ-LEL Psalms Auto Spares Limited
2198 28284-HQ-LEL Nkisu Minerals and Mining Limited
2199 28485-HQ-SEL Nyakaula Gemstone (2019) Limited
2200 28539-HQ-SEL IBAS Trades Limited
2201 28545-HQ-LEL Azadi Investment Limited
2202 28568-HQ-SEL Azadi Investment Limited
2203 28707-HQ-SEL Azadi Investment Limited
2204 26893-HQ-LEL Infinite Social Investment Solutions Limited
2205 26898-HQ-LEL Fifth Estate Limited
2206 27918-HQ-SEL Northern Giant Construction & Exploration Limited
2207 28260-HQ-SEL Stevian Investments Limited (100%)
2208 28280-HQ-SEL Iimba Enterprises Limited
2209 28426-HQ-SEL Chiwaza Mining and General Dealings Limited
2210 28605-HQ-SEL Mandjana Resources and Mining Limited
2211 28606-HQ-SEL Mandjana Resources and Mining Limited
2212 27620-HQ-SEL SIJ Investments Limited
2213 27913-HQ-LEL Uptown Mining and Exploration Limited
2214 28134-HQ-SEL Olives Investment Company Limited
2215 28719-HQ-LEL Zhongcheng Ventures Limited
2216 26969-HQ-LEL Rajeev Minerals Limited
2217 27686-HQ-LEL Labtec Professional Engineering Limited
2218 27687-HQ-LEL Labtec Professional Engineering Limited
2219 28530-HQ-LEL Barvex Trading Limited
2220 28733-HQ-LEL Yongsheng Mining Company Limited
2221 28640-HQ-SEL Stevovo Zambia Limited
2222 28641-HQ-SEL BKB General Dealers Limited
2223 25973-HQ-SEL Kasinta Mining Limited
2224 28471-HQ-SEL Lincolnsabrina Equity Limited (100%)
2225 23072-HQ-SEL R and R Matunga Logistics Limited (100%)
2226 27462-HQ-LEL Mango Grove Investments Limited
2227 27498-HQ-SEL JMK Venture Limited
2228 28276-HQ-SEL Chisungusho Investments Limited
2229 28299-HQ-SEL Maxsma Minerals Limited
2230 28338-HQ-SEL Shouba Resources Limited
2231 28406-HQ-SEL Xin Long Resources Company Limited
2232 28419-HQ-SEL Malembeka Minerals & Energy Limited
2233 27899-HQ-SEL Agrosource Investment Limited
2234 28323-HQ-LEL Jumuka General Dealers Limited
2235 28531-HQ-LEL Claycrete Mining Limited
2236 26522-HQ-LEL Webs Electrical Engineering Limited
2237 26960-HQ-SEL Zimzam Energy Resources Limited
2238 27858-HQ-SEL Nuels Construction Zambia Limited (100%)
2239 27972-HQ-SEL Kateta Mining Limited
2240 28418-HQ-LEL Project For Agricultural And Individual Development Limited
2241 27976-HQ-SEL Mwaluwiz Investments Limited
2242 28345-HQ-SEL Gold King Minerals Limited
2243 28356-HQ-SEL Shouba Resources Limited
2244 28369-HQ-LEL Yobe Gems Limited
2245 28441-HQ-SEL Benchmark Mining Limited
2246 28068-HQ-SEL Kankomba Source Limited
2247 28229-HQ-LEL CS Mining Investments (Z) Limited
2248 28288-HQ-SEL Frengo Mining and Exploration Limited
2249 28294-HQ-SEL Talgz Innovation Limited
2250 28553-HQ-SEL Opulent Kings Investments Limited
2251 28576-HQ-SEL M-Klass Enterprise Limited
2252 27706-HQ-SEL Twenty Ten Investments Limited
2253 28250-HQ-SEL Istone Minerals Limited
2254 28313-HQ-SEL Je-mel Trading Limited
2255 28385-HQ-SEL Xingstone Resources Limited
2256 28386-HQ-SEL Xingstone Resources Limited
2257 28411-HQ-SEL Xingstone Resources Limited
2258 28412-HQ-SEL Wellstone Investment Limited
2259 26421-HQ-LEL Taurus Partners Limited
2260 27037-HQ-LEL Central Africa Renewable Energy Corporation Limited
2261 27183-HQ-SEL See Thru Fencing Zambia Limited
2262 28271-HQ-LEL MM Copiers and Electronics Limited
2263 28389-HQ-SEL White Castle Limited
2264 28259-HQ-SEL Kalumbila Small Scale Mining Limited
2265 28432-HQ-SEL Munsongo’s Five Investments Limited
2266 28462-HQ-SEL Sapphire Mining Limited
2267 28463-HQ-SEL Sapphire Mining Limited
2268 28524-HQ-SEL Kebiyukwa Investments Zambia Limited
2269 28621-HQ-SEL Tusole Ventures Limited
2270 28347-HQ-SEL Bachoh Investments Ltd
2271 27385-HQ-SEL K-Squared Property Development Limited
2272 28263-HQ-SEL Infracore Limited (100%)
2273 27619-HQ-SEL Sanyati Enterprises Limited
2274 24479-HQ-SEL Siabusu Mining Limited
2275 26495-HQ-SEL Chiwaza Mining and General Dealings Limited
2276 27714-HQ-SEL Ledge Mining and Logistics Limited
2277 28008-HQ-SEL Anasusoya Enterprises Limited
2278 28118-HQ-SEL Zumran Mining and Exploration Limited  (100%)
2279 28119-HQ-SEL Zumran Mining and Exploration Limited  (100%)
2280 28370-HQ-LEL Yobe Gems Limited
2281 27419-HQ-SEL Sky Africa Engineering & Construction Limited
2282 27163-HQ-LEL Mingi Investments Holdings Limited
2283 27303-HQ-SEL Segen Mines Zambia Limited
2284 28194-HQ-SEL Savdiama Energy Zambia Limited
2285 28344-HQ-LEL Thando Mining Services Limited
2286 28421-HQ-SEL Rovasia Mining Limited
2287 28532-HQ-SEL Zorai Procument Services Limited
2288 26576-HQ-LEL Discovery Mineral Resources Limited
2289 27881-HQ-SEL Quest Industries Limited
2290 28217-HQ-SEL Habtech Investments Limited
2291 28351-HQ-SEL Shouba Resources Limited
2292 28355-HQ-SEL Shouba Resources Limited
2293 28387-HQ-SEL Jontho Mining Investments Limited
2294 27959-HQ-SEL Elco Resources Limited
2295 28031-HQ-SEL Legacy Innovations Limited (100%)
2296 28252-HQ-LEL SRK Mining Company Limited
2297 28410-HQ-LEL Lukusashi Company Limited
2298 28459-HQ-LEL Nebula Mining Limited (100%)
2299 28480-HQ-SEL Nebula Mining Limited
2300 26269-HQ-LEL Kango Trading Limited (100%)
2301 27772-HQ-SEL Namita Construction and Mining Limited
2302 28306-HQ-LEL LNC Mining Limited (100%)
2303 28103-HQ-LEL Frivan Mining Limited
2304 27472-HQ-LEL KAM Minerals Limited
2305 30521-HQ-LEL Constantinou Menelaos Agathoklis Mining Company Limited
2306 27350-HQ-LEL GDP Capital and Minerals Limited
2307 27984-HQ-LEL Zoomlion Copper Mine Company Limited (100%)
2308 28057-HQ-LEL Zoomlion Copper Mine Company Limited
2309 27676-HQ-SEL IBAS Trades Limited
2310 27437-HQ-SEL Mukowa Investments Limited
2311 28107-HQ-SEL Lubulwa Investments Limited
2312 27982-HQ-SEL Kuza Investments Limited
2313 27658-HQ-SEL Elawis Gypsum Limited
2314 23628-HQ-SEL Kasamwa Mines Ltd
2315 28120-HQ-LEL Klanchar Mining Limited
2316 28032-HQ-SEL Iimba Enterprises Limited
2317 27567-HQ-SEL Kanachi Contractors & General Dealers Limited
2318 28098-HQ-SEL Solplus Holdings Limited (100%)
2319 23012-HQ-SEL Plastic Shop Limited (100%)
2320 27489-HQ-LEL Spytrac Mining Investments Limited
2321 27914-HQ-SEL Baza Resources Limited
2322 27361-HQ-LEL Mporokoso Resources Ltd (100%)
2323 27702-HQ-LEL Global Dynamics Mining Limited
2324 28090-HQ-SEL Emeraldsource Mining Limited
2325 27994-HQ-SEL R and R Matunga Logistics Limited
2326 26407-HQ-LEL Tip Top Mining Limited
2327 28100-HQ-SEL Sarvic Mining Limited
2328 25522-HQ-LEL Lasker Mining Limited (100%)
2329 27790-HQ-SEL Chintelelwe Minerals Limited
2330 27831-HQ-SEL Henev Mining Limited
2331 27804-HQ-SEL Henev Mining Limited
2332 25953-HQ-LEL Pabema Mining and Minerals Limited
2333 27695-HQ-LEL Kamonu Exploration and Mining Limited
2334 26487-HQ-SEL Mandmercy Mining Limited
2335 26961-HQ-LEL Nyawa Guta Development Company Limited
2336 27921-HQ-SEL Barvex Trading Limited
2337 27278-HQ-SEL Orbit Drilling and Exploration Limited
2338 27778-HQ-SEL Malenkho General Dealers Limited
2339 27792-HQ-SEL Chintelelwe Minerals Limited
2340 27851-HQ-LEL Gulnoor Mining Limited
2341 27893-HQ-SEL Barvex Trading Limited
2342 26771-HQ-LEL Chi – Frica Mining Company Limited
2343 27386-HQ-LEL Choice Minerals Limited
2344 24873-HQ-SEL Grambuka Suppliers Limited
2345 26145-HQ-LEL Landed Builders Construction Limited
2346 27324-HQ-SEL Kamawu investments Limited (100%)
2347 27896-HQ-SEL Geiya Group Limited
2348 27752-HQ-SEL Rovasia Mining Limited
2349 27753-HQ-SEL Liv Misho Investment Company Limited
2350 27628-HQ-SEL Gemsource Mining Limited
2351 27387-HQ-LEL Hidden Treasures Mining Limited
2352 27829-HQ-SEL Tydex Trading Limited
2353 27830-HQ-SEL Tydex Trading Limited
2354 27799-HQ-LEL Lusaka Metals Exchange Limited
2355 27847-HQ-SEL Fly Dragon Wood Lumber Company Limited
2356 26883-HQ-LEL Bumu Applied Technologies Company Limited
2357 25251-HQ-SEL Nordic Mineral Traders Limited
2358 26261-HQ-SEL Assay Resources Limited
2359 27427-HQ-LEL Ethdak Mines Limited
2360 27447-HQ-LEL Brockworth Exploration & Mining Limited
2361 27661-HQ-SEL Luwowoshi Mining Limited
2362 27662-HQ-LEL Luwowoshi Mining Limited
2363 27800-HQ-SEL Jubilee Metals Solutions Limited
2364 27890-HQ-SEL Zorret Timber Limited (100%)
2365 26899-HQ-SEL Kalungwishi FM Limited
2366 26937-HQ-SEL Equitas Investment Limited
2367 27574-HQ-SEL Pulda General Dealers Limited
2368 25742-HQ-SEL Tip Top Max Ventures Company Limited
2369 27253-HQ-LEL Orbit Drilling and Services Limited
2370 27055-HQ-SEL Alicon Engineering Company Limited
2371 27444-HQ-LEL Engco Civils Limited
2372 27445-HQ-LEL Engco Civils Limited
2373 26927-HQ-SEL Wiko Kapela Mining Limited
2374 27577-HQ-SEL Mechprotech Solutions (Z) Limited
2375 26293-HQ-LEL Kashwini Investments Limited
2376 26324-HQ-LEL Kashwini Investments Limited
2377 27256-HQ-SEL Wealthyveld Gems & Minerals Limited
2378 27370-HQ-SEL Kallurani Mines Zambia Limited
2379 26553-HQ-SEL Green Planet Enterprises Limited
2380 25974-HQ-SEL Avalon Mining Zambia Limited
2381 27198-HQ-SEL Dan’s Executive Lodge Limited
2382 27199-HQ-SEL Dan’s Executive Lodge Limited
2383 27328-HQ-SEL Visights Minerals Limited
2384 27337-HQ-LEL Que Investments Limited (100%)
2385 27639-HQ-LEL Musenga Resources Limited
2386 27076-HQ-LEL Minatas Resources Limited
2387 27104-HQ-SEL Dan’s Executive Lodge Limited
2388 27200-HQ-SEL Vestro Enterprises Limited
2389 27202-HQ-SEL Vestro Enterprises Limited
2390 27519-HQ-SEL Jeff’s Farms and General Dealers Limited (100%)
2391 27528-HQ-LEL Swift Clearing and Logistics Limited
2392 26557-HQ-SEL Alpine Prperties Limited
2393 27044-HQ-LEL C and H Logistics and Resources Limited
2394 27105-HQ-SEL Dan’s Executive Lodge Limited
2395 27145-HQ-SEL Wayne Consultants & Resources Limited
2396 27185-HQ-LEL One Light Media Limited
2397 27267-HQ-SEL Zuibkaarsa Mines Zambia Limited
2398 27546-HQ-SEL Blehoh Clearing & Logistics Limited
2399 27547-HQ-SEL Blehoh Clearing & Logistics Limited
2400 26701-HQ-SEL Niseph Enterprises Limited
2401 27474-HQ-SEL JMK Venture Limited
2402 27482-HQ-SEL Greenhouse Mining and Exploration Limited
2403 27637-HQ-SEL Lavingia Jewel Limited
2404 27721-HQ-LEL Gulnoor Mining Limited
2405 26954-HQ-SEL Marinet Mineral Resources Limited
2406 26838-HQ-LEL Great Wall Mining Ltd
2407 26876-HQ-LEL Bumu Applied Technologies Company Limited
2408 27431-HQ-LEL Namasu Mining & Trading Company Limited
2409 27197-HQ-LEL Kenhil Investments Limited
2410 27723-HQ-LEL Gulnoor Mining Limited
2411 27761-HQ-LEL Gulnoor Mining Limited
2412 27762-HQ-LEL Gulnoor Mining Limited
2413 27151-HQ-LEL Jorsil Trading Limited
2414 27394-HQ-LEL Natshal Mining & Exploration Limited
2415 27531-HQ-SEL Tropical Mine Investments Zambia Limited
2416 27690-HQ-SEL Freshstart Emerald Mining Limited
2417 27301-HQ-SEL Segen Mines Zambia Limited
2418 27302-HQ-SEL Segen Mines Zambia Limited
2419 27304-HQ-SEL Segen Mines Zambia Limited
2420 27305-HQ-SEL Segen Mines Zambia Limited
2421 27372-HQ-SEL Kallurani Mines Zambia Limited
2422 27373-HQ-SEL Kallurani Mines Zambia Limited
2423 27795-HQ-LEL Industrial Resources Limited
2424 27796-HQ-LEL Industrial Resources Limited
2425 26150-HQ-SEL Duwaco Mining Minerals Limited (100%)
2426 27371-HQ-SEL Kallurani Mines Zambia Limited
2427 27430-HQ-SEL Chipapa Mining Investments Limited
2428 27433-HQ-SEL Goldline Mining Limited
2429 27487-HQ-SEL Kanachi Contractors & General Dealers Limited
2430 27501-HQ-SEL Yosef Ventures Company Limited
2431 25857-HQ-LEL Chifrica Mining Company Limited
2432 26602-HQ-LEL Mandmercy Mining Limited
2433 27228-HQ-SEL Victern Resources Limited
2434 27235-HQ-SEL Victern Resources Limited
2435 27525-HQ-LEL West One Enterprises Limited
2436 26212-HQ-SEL Geo Atlantic Limited
2437 21225-HQ-SEL Kango Trading Limited (100%)
2438 26709-HQ-SEL Geohydro Consulting Services Limited
2439 27006-HQ-SEL Andt Corporation Limited
2440 26752-HQ-SEL Bambelela Solutions Limited
2441 27191-HQ-SEL Niseph Enterprises Limited
2442 25384-HQ-SEL SG Exim Limited
2443 27471-HQ-SEL Kukoma Investments Limited
2444 26894-HQ-LEL Infinite Social Investment Solutions Limited
2445 27539-HQ-SEL Treadmasters Limited
2446 26956-HQ-LEL Marinet Mineral Resources Limited
2447 27092-HQ-SEL Kaims Resources Limited
2448 27175-HQ-SEL Emusa Mining Company Limited
2449 27298-HQ-LEL Everest Minerals Limited
2450 27554-HQ-SEL Treadmasters Limited (100%)
2451 27400-HQ-LEL Steelbay Ventures Zambia Limited
2452 26588-HQ-SEL Reigns Enterprises Limited (100%)
2453 27036-HQ-SEL Golden Gemstone Mining Limited
2454 27071-HQ-SEL Spytrac Mining Investments Limited
2455 27095-HQ-LEL Kapishi Resources Limited
2456 27165-HQ-LEL African Metals and  Mining Limited
2457 27211-HQ-LEL Rontex Minerals  Limited
2458 27275-HQ-SEL Tirupati Investment Limited
2459 27290-HQ-SEL Nicho Cargo Services Limited
2460 26866-HQ-SEL Brooksfield Investments Limited
2461 27164-HQ-LEL Bumuwino Investments Limited
2462 26949-HQ-SEL Muster Investments Limited
2463 27150-HQ-SEL Anathoth Resources Limited (100%)
2464 27223-HQ-LEL Kapishi Resources Limited
2465 27316-HQ-LEL Quatt M Mineral Resources Limited
2466 27130-HQ-SEL Novo Resouces Zambia Limited
2467 26719-HQ-LEL Kasempa Copper Mines Zambia Limited
2468 26636-HQ-LEL Chifrica Resources Group Limited
2469 26637-HQ-LEL Chifrica Resources Group Limited
2470 26909-HQ-SEL Kutoa Resources Limited
2471 26952-HQ-SEL Marinet Mineral Resources Limited
2472 26953-HQ-SEL Marinet Mineral Resources Limited
2473 26985-HQ-SEL Ndonasa Mining Limited
2474 27042-HQ-SEL Rovasia Mining Limited
2475 26942-HQ-SEL Temel Freight Services Limited
2476 27073-HQ-SEL CMC Worldwide Mining Consultants Zambia Limited
2477 27379-HQ-LEL Plate Techtonics Zambia Limited
2478 27143-HQ-SEL Softline Investments Limited
2479 27057-HQ-SEL Bejophine Company Limited
2480 26575-HQ-SEL Kavs Equipment Limited
2481 27173-HQ-SEL Qinghai Mining Company Limited
2482 26373-HQ-LEL Ras Indo Mining Company Limited
2483 26878-HQ-LEL Qayshaun International Zambia Limited
2484 27078-HQ-LEL Jimukai Mining Company Limited
2485 27227-HQ-SEL Stevovo Zambia Limited
2486 27230-HQ-SEL Steevovo Zambia Limited
2487 27277-HQ-SEL BKB General Dealers Limited
2488 27294-HQ-SEL Goldline Mining Limited
2489 27295-HQ-SEL Goldline Mining Limited
2490 27463-HQ-SEL Mango Grove Investments Limited
2491 26398-HQ-LEL Fertilizer Commodities (Z) Limited
2492 26684-HQ-LEL Kumpula Global Supplies Limited
2493 27035-HQ-SEL Alicon Engineering Company Limited
2494 26534-HQ-LEL Rarefind Zambia Limited
2495 26331-HQ-LEL Chifrica Resources Group Limited
2496 26577-HQ-SEL Discovery Mineral Resources Limited
2497 26580-HQ-LEL Honesty Mining Company Limited
2498 26702-HQ-SEL Mima Sanitation Services Limited
2499 26703-HQ-SEL Mima Sanitation Services Limited
2500 26704-HQ-SEL Mima Sanitation Services Limited
2501 25523-HQ-LEL Amiel Partners Limited
2502 26824-HQ-LEL Zamko Development & Investment Advisors Limited
2503 24679-HQ-LEL Kampoko Resources Ltd
2504 26940-HQ-SEL Misaba Mining Company Limited
2505 27133-HQ-SEL Munsongo’s Five Investments Limited
2506 25711-HQ-SEL Attarah Resources Limited
2507 26424-HQ-SEL Kalongelo Mining Limited
2508 26790-HQ-LEL Millenium Business systems Ltd
2509 25741-HQ-LEL Interprochan Enterprises Limited (100%)
2510 26643-HQ-SEL Muster Investments Limited
2511 26863-HQ-LEL Frivan Mining Limited
2512 26882-HQ-LEL Bumu Applied Technologies Company Limited
2513 26885-HQ-SEL Chrinikap Industrial  Supplies Limited
2514 26047-HQ-SEL Earthore Mining Limited (100%)
2515 26134-HQ-SEL Bekolino Corporation Limited (100%)
2516 26426-HQ-SEL Longpula Investments Limited
2517 26855-HQ-LEL Link Flex Africa Limited
2518 26938-HQ-SEL Equitas Investment Limited
2519 26997-HQ-SEL Harpak Mining Limited
2520 26514-HQ-SEL Songeya Investment Limited
2521 26733-HQ-LEL Redfield Resources Limited
2522 26540-HQ-SEL African Stone Mining Zambia Limited
2523 26907-HQ-SEL AU Mining Limited
2524 26527-HQ-LEL Savenda Management Services Limited
2525 26528-HQ-SEL Savenda Management Services Limited
2526 26591-HQ-SEL Tropical Land Investments Limited
2527 26906-HQ-LEL Orbit Drilling and Services Limited
2528 26382-HQ-SEL King of Ore Mine Limited
2529 26402-HQ-SEL King of Ore Mine Limited
2530 26438-HQ-SEL Brand Equity Limited
2531 26445-HQ-LEL Mine Stone Mineral Exploration & Development Limited
2532 26526-HQ-LEL Savenda Management Services Limited
2533 26541-HQ-SEL Zametal Corporation Limited
2534 26546-HQ-LEL Minestone Mineral Exploration and Development Limited
2535 26620-HQ-SEL Minestone Mineral Exploration and Development Limited
2536 26621-HQ-LEL Minestone Mineral Exploration and Development Limited
2537 26692-HQ-SEL Minestone Mineral Exploration and Development Limited
2538 26735-HQ-LEL Minestone Mineral Exploration and Development Limited
2539 25970-HQ-SEL Sanroka Auto Spares and General Dealers Limited
2540 26258-HQ-SEL Jasper-Oko Berly Zambia Limited
2541 26542-HQ-SEL Zametal Corporation Limited
2542 26654-HQ-LEL African Metals and  Mining Limited
2543 26435-HQ-SEL Longpula Investments Limited
2544 26436-HQ-SEL Longpula Investments Limited
2545 26498-HQ-LEL Mulakamenda Mines and Minerals Limited (100%)
2546 26759-HQ-LEL Hannah Bird Wood Mining & Transport Limited
2547 26427-HQ-SEL Chilindi Investment Limited
2548 26694-HQ-LEL Carly Prints International Limited
2549 26486-HQ-SEL Mandmercy Mining Limited
2550 26200-HQ-SEL Cashnam Construction Mining Limited
2551 26632-HQ-SEL Hoyden Investment Limited (100%)
2552 26760-HQ-LEL Hannah Bird Wood Mining & Transport Limited
2553 26334-HQ-LEL Starshine Mineral Resources Limited (100%)
2554 26600-HQ-LEL Mandmercy Mining Limited
2555 26267-HQ-SEL Makeni Resources Limited (100%)
2556 26370-HQ-SEL Makeni Resources Limited
2557 26417-HQ-SEL Lusenga Mining and Exploration Limited
2558 26799-HQ-LEL Cholwe Mining & Petroleum Corporation Ltd
2559 26221-HQ-LEL Mutand Resources Limited
2560 26379-HQ-SEL Mango Grove Investments Limited
2561 26439-HQ-SEL Brand Equity Limited
2562 26479-HQ-SEL Talc Twenty Four Enterprises Limited
2563 26713-HQ-LEL Benkel Industrial Limited
2564 26224-HQ-LEL Mables African Creations Limited
2565 26648-HQ-SEL Kabundi Resources Limited
2566 26695-HQ-SEL Golden Gemstone Mining Limited
2567 26675-HQ-LEL Minestone Mineral Exploration and Development Limited
2568 26679-HQ-LEL Minestone Mineral Exploration and Development Limited
2569 26841-HQ-SEL Edge Commodities Limited
2570 26091-HQ-SEL Geo Atlantic Limited
2571 26720-HQ-LEL Zomsampa Holdings Limited
2572 26856-HQ-SEL M & N Industrial Merchants Limited
2573 26380-HQ-SEL Mango Grove Investments Limited
2574 26416-HQ-SEL Lusenga Mining and Exploration Limited
2575 26537-HQ-SEL Smartgreen Solutions Limited
2576 25538-HQ-LEL Orezone Mining and Exploration Limited
2577 26473-HQ-LEL Rarefind Zambia Limited
2578 26069-HQ-SEL Chivas Mining and Supplies Limited
2579 26185-HQ-SEL Simkamka Ventures Limited
2580 26406-HQ-SEL Anathoth Resources Limited (100%)
2581 26629-HQ-SEL Belipajaali Enterprises Limited (100%)
2582 26645-HQ-SEL Carly Prints International Limited
2583 25777-HQ-LEL Lamar Minerals Limited
2584 26189-HQ-SEL Royal Tower Mining Limited
2585 25790-HQ-LEL Ecotrade Resources Limited
2586 26471-HQ-SEL Quagemam Limited
2587 25325-HQ-LEL Ariel  Mining Group Limited
2588 22753-HQ-SEL Mmkaz Mining Company
2589 26394-HQ-LEL King of Ore Mine Limited
2590 26400-HQ-SEL King of Ore Mine Limited
2591 26403-HQ-SEL King of Ore Mine Limited
2592 26460-HQ-LEL Family Industries Mining Company Limited
2593 26497-HQ-SEL Konka Mining Company Limited
2594 26510-HQ-SEL Konka Mining Company Limited
2595 26579-HQ-LEL Honesty Mining Company Limited
2596 26582-HQ-LEL Honesty Mining Company Limited
2597 26598-HQ-LEL Honesty Mining Company Limited
2598 25913-HQ-SEL Chaval Resources Limited
2599 26511-HQ-SEL Konka Mining Company Limited
2600 26614-HQ-SEL Transcon Global Limited
2601 26656-HQ-SEL Pan Asia Resources Company Limited
2602 25391-HQ-SEL M and N Industrial Merchants Limited (100%)
2603 25464-HQ-SEL Zambian Institute Of Earth Sciences and Resource Technology Limited
2604 26404-HQ-SEL Kasinta Mining Limited
2605 26660-HQ-SEL Northdale Mining and Manufacturing Limited
2606 26329-HQ-SEL Aria Technologies Limited
2607 26397-HQ-LEL Royal Chamuka Mining Limited
2608 26496-HQ-LEL Minerox Resources Limited
2609 25059-HQ-SEL ZDP Mineral Resources Limited
2610 25965-HQ-LEL Kumbele Mining Company Limited
2611 26374-HQ-SEL Anathoth Resources Limited (100%)
2612 25977-HQ-SEL Kena Construction Company  Limited
2613 25898-HQ-SEL Tamida Mining Limited
2614 26090-HQ-LEL Leebert Mining Limited
2615 25703-HQ-SEL Schamin Investments Limited
2616 25704-HQ-SEL Schamin Investments Limited
2617 26201-HQ-LEL Goldbelt Mining Industries Limited
2618 26265-HQ-SEL Makeni Resources Limited
2619 25327-HQ-LEL Fertilizer Commodities (Z) Limited (100%)
2620 26227-HQ-SEL Kapita Minerals Limited
2621 25954-HQ-SEL Worthymore Investment Holdings Limited
2622 25955-HQ-SEL Worthymore Investment Holdings Limited
2623 26363-HQ-LEL Ras Indo Mining Company Limited
2624 25830-HQ-SEL Kutumia Resources Limited
2625 25861-HQ-LEL Earthore Mining Limited (100%)
2626 26140-HQ-LEL Designer Rocks Zambia Limited
2627 25700-HQ-LEL Lamar Minerals Limited
2628 25868-HQ-LEL Olinda Minerals Limited
2629 26375-HQ-SEL Anathoth Resources Limited (100%)
2630 24776-HQ-LEL Genius Sounds Limited
2631 25130-HQ-SEL Sandland Resources Limited
2632 26299-HQ-LEL Aguacuco Minerals Limited
2633 26015-HQ-LEL Vitumbo Investments Limited
2634 25698-HQ-LEL Lamar Minerals Limited
2635 25853-HQ-LEL Olinda Minerals Limited
2636 25361-HQ-SEL Breakthrough Resources Limited
2637 25856-HQ-LEL Chifrica Mining Company Limited
2638 25918-HQ-LEL Chifrica Mining Company Limited
2639 25925-HQ-LEL Chifrica Mining Company Limited
2640 25926-HQ-LEL Chifrica Mining Company Limited
2641 25643-HQ-SEL Chifrica Resources Group Limited (100%)
2642 24355-HQ-SEL Kenenkulu Investments Limited
2643 25699-HQ-LEL Lamar Minerals Limited
2644 24722-HQ-SEL Wacha Mining Limited (100%)
2645 26323-HQ-SEL Brooksfield Investments Limited
2646 26022-HQ-SEL Gramajo Mining Limited (100%)
2647 26101-HQ-LEL Broadrich Investment Limited (100%)
2648 25324-HQ-LEL Ariel  Mining Group Limited
2649 25932-HQ-SEL Whirlpool Minerals Limited
2650 26068-HQ-SEL Chivas Mining and Supplies Limited (100%)
2651 26243-HQ-SEL Fly Dragon Wood Lumber Company Limited (100%)
2652 26259-HQ-SEL Jasper-Oko Berly Zambia Limited
2653 26393-HQ-SEL Jesrock Investments Limited
2654 25631-HQ-LEL Sakba Investments Limited
2655 26237-HQ-SEL Jimukai Mining Company Limited
2656 26336-HQ-SEL Agaba Enterprises Limited
2657 25971-HQ-SEL Star Choice Zambia Limited
2658 24320-HQ-SEL Huanbao Enterprises Limited (100%)
2659 25248-HQ-SEL Mingi Minerals Limited
2660 26024-HQ-SEL Basemetalic Zambia Limited
2661 26063-HQ-LEL Tangzan Investments Limited
2662 25501-HQ-SEL Orbit Drilling and Exploration Limited
2663 25758-HQ-LEL Kamemoma Mining Limited
2664 25822-HQ-LEL Kamemoma Mining Limited (100%)
2665 25823-HQ-LEL Kamemoma Mining Limited
2666 25897-HQ-SEL Leebert Mining Limited
2667 24697-HQ-SEL Everflow Workline Zambia Limited
2668 25887-HQ-SEL LMD Management Consultants Limited
2669 25720-HQ-LEL Finaid Mining Solutions Limited (100%)
2670 26019-HQ-SEL Ndonasa Mining Limited (100%)
2671 25177-HQ-LEL Northeast Resources Limited
2672 25586-HQ-SEL Kaluano Mining Limited
2673 25668-HQ-LEL Pak Enterprises Zambia Limited
2674 24856-HQ-LEL Pachida Qirat Mining Limited
2675 25922-HQ-SEL Feedo Investment Company Limited
2676 25975-HQ-LEL Penetrative Exploration and Mining Ltd
2677 25993-HQ-LEL Kiddies University Limited
2678 26053-HQ-SEL Twikatane Co-op Investments Limited
2679 26020-HQ-SEL Ndonasa Mining Limited (100%)
2680 25397-HQ-SEL Kabompo Mineral Resources Limited (100%)
2681 25359-HQ-SEL Mushowa Investments Limited
2682 25799-HQ-SEL LMME Zambia Limited (100%)
2683 25467-HQ-SEL Royal Tower Mining Limited
2684 25785-HQ-SEL Ex-Selza Trading Company Limited (100%)
2685 25723-HQ-SEL Athena Investments Limited
2686 25895-HQ-SEL Fortumax Limited
2687 24979-HQ-LEL Adept Services Zambia Limited (100%)
2688 25388-HQ-SEL M & N Industrial Merchants Limited
2689 25518-HQ-SEL Indimight Enterprises Limited
2690 25941-HQ-SEL Kegmax Company Limited
2691 25886-HQ-SEL LMD Management Consultants Limited
2692 25888-HQ-SEL LMD Management Consultants Limited
2693 25889-HQ-SEL LMD Management Consultants Limited
2694 24833-HQ-SEL African Royal Mining Limited
2695 25200-HQ-LEL Finaid Mining Solutions Limited
2696 25546-HQ-SEL African Royal Mining Limited
2697 25719-HQ-LEL Finaid Mining Solutions Limited (100%)
2698 25804-HQ-SEL Kalawanda Enterprises Limited
2699 25634-HQ-LEL Yash Industries Limited
2700 25791-HQ-LEL Bristol Consortium Limited
2701 25475-HQ-SEL Orbit Drilling and Exploration Limited
2702 25640-HQ-SEL Uni Mining and Construction Limited
2703 25727-HQ-LEL Chifrica Resources Group Limited
2704 24966-HQ-SEL Chihia Mining Company Limited (100%)
2705 25619-HQ-LEL Interprochan Enterprises Limited
2706 25735-HQ-SEL Astrome Solutions Zambia Limited
2707 25131-HQ-SEL Sandland Resources Limited (100%)
2708 25752-HQ-SEL Kamemoma Mining Limited (100%)
2709 25821-HQ-LEL Kamemoma Mining Limited (100%)
2710 25798-HQ-SEL Yan Zembe Mining Limited
2711 25808-HQ-SEL Rovasia Mining Limited (100%)
2712 25818-HQ-SEL Little Walk Enterprises Limited
2713 25819-HQ-SEL Little Walk Enterprises Limited
2714 25820-HQ-SEL Little Walk Enterprises Limited
2715 25756-HQ-LEL Chifrica Resources Group Limited
2716 25590-HQ-SEL Kucimfya Mines Zambia Limited
2717 24893-HQ-SEL Spaxs Mining Limited
2718 25687-HQ-SEL Bristol Consortium Limited
2719 25731-HQ-SEL Bristol Consortium Limited
2720 25621-HQ-SEL CMC Worldwide Mining Consultants Zambia Limited
2721 25825-HQ-SEL LMME Zambia Limited
2722 25943-HQ-LEL Oxbow Safari Lodge Limited
2723 25441-HQ-SEL Gramajo Mining Limited
2724 24425-HQ-LEL Desert Rose Mining Limited
2725 25802-HQ-SEL PL Nyimbili Enterprises Limited
2726 25164-HQ-SEL Mondell Commodities Limited
2727 25436-HQ-LEL Azurite Consulting Limited
2728 25594-HQ-SEL Syka Mining Limited
2729 25456-HQ-LEL Twin River Mineral Resources Limited
2730 25545-HQ-SEL Fortumax Limited (100%)
2731 25613-HQ-SEL Fortumax Limited
2732 25645-HQ-SEL Fortumax Limited (100%)
2733 25626-HQ-SEL Sesila Innovations Limited
2734 25627-HQ-LEL S & J Brothers Limited
2735 25628-HQ-SEL Sesila Innovations Limited
2736 24591-HQ-SEL Kampoko Resources Ltd
2737 25147-HQ-SEL Kaka Eagles Wings Resources Limited (100%)
2738 25148-HQ-SEL Kaka Eagles Wings Resources Limited (100%)
2739 25532-HQ-SEL SG Exim Limited
2740 25419-HQ-LEL Aarey Investments Limited
2741 25491-HQ-LEL Aarey Investments Limited
2742 25492-HQ-LEL Aarey Investments Limited
2743 25516-HQ-LEL Aarey Investments Limited
2744 25695-HQ-LEL Interprochan Enterprises Limited
2745 25329-HQ-SEL Mz Mundawanga Minerals Limited (100%)
2746 25486-HQ-SEL Mountain Sun Enterprise Limited
2747 25573-HQ-LEL Kamemoma Mining Limited
2748 25591-HQ-SEL Kucimfya Mines Zambia Limited
2749 25592-HQ-SEL Kucimfya Mines Zambia Limited
2750 25604-HQ-SEL Kamemoma Mining Limited
2751 25654-HQ-SEL Threesixty Minerals Mining Resources Limited
2752 25694-HQ-SEL Edrayber Mushi Mining Limited
2753 25593-HQ-SEL Kucimfya Mines Zambia Limited
2754 25463-HQ-SEL Kapita Minerals Limited
2755 25483-HQ-LEL Virunga Biotech and Mining Limited
2756 24176-HQ-SEL Gramajo Mining Limited
2757 24815-HQ-SEL Mkumbacanoka Mining Company Limited
2758 25411-HQ-LEL Ezed Mines Limited
2759 24480-HQ-SEL Siabusu Mining Limited
2760 25605-HQ-SEL Finaid Mining Solutions Limited
2761 25606-HQ-SEL Finaid Mining Solutions Limited
2762 25261-HQ-LEL Chalo Mining Group Limited
2763 25434-HQ-SEL Backhoe Mining Equipment Limied (100%)
2764 25093-HQ-SEL Klay Investments Limited (100%)
2765 25342-HQ-LEL Kashwini Investments Limited (100%)
2766 25344-HQ-LEL Kashwini Investments Limited (100%)
2767 24967-HQ-SEL Tropical Mine Investments Zambia Limited
2768 25015-HQ-SEL Gem Acres Mines Limited
2769 25416-HQ-SEL North West Copper Ventures Limited
2770 25417-HQ-SEL North West Copper Ventures Limited
2771 25418-HQ-SEL North West Copper Ventures Limited
2772 25449-HQ-SEL North West Copper Ventures Limited
2773 25450-HQ-SEL North West Copper Ventures Limited
2774 24930-HQ-SEL One Stop Tyre Express Limited
2775 25186-HQ-SEL SG Exim Limited (100%)
2776 25490-HQ-SEL Azarel Investments Limited
2777 24895-HQ-LEL Come On Investments Limited
2778 24906-HQ-SEL Northeast Resources Limited
2779 25413-HQ-LEL Makomwe Mining Limited
2780 25264-HQ-SEL Danlee Company Limited
2781 25396-HQ-LEL Fortumax Limited (100%)
2782 25442-HQ-LEL Fortumax Limited (100%)
2783 24286-HQ-LEL Kampoko Resources Ltd
2784 24326-HQ-LEL Kampoko Resources Ltd (100%)
2785 25168-HQ-SEL Kampoko Resources Ltd
2786 25274-HQ-SEL Gramajo Mining Limited
2787 25260-HQ-SEL Kwakuwahi Lodge Limited
2788 24532-HQ-LEL Simmer Enterprises Limited
2789 25194-HQ-SEL B.G Saka Logistics Limited (100%)
2790 25380-HQ-LEL Build Trust Construction Limited
2791 23810-HQ-SEL Talang Mining Company Limited
2792 25222-HQ-SEL Mz Mundawanga Minerals Limited
2793 24638-HQ-LEL Kampoko Resources Ltd
2794 25078-HQ-SEL Corporate Innovations Limited
2795 25127-HQ-SEL Edge Commodities Limited (100%)
2796 25284-HQ-SEL Munshikola Investments Limited
2797 24413-HQ-LEL Lower Karoo Resources Limited
2798 25252-HQ-SEL Nordic Mineral Traders Limited
2799 25254-HQ-SEL Nordic Mineral Traders Limited
2800 25256-HQ-SEL Nordic Mineral Traders Limited
2801 24611-HQ-SEL Truth Media Limited
2802 25283-HQ-SEL Munshikola Investments Limited
2803 25290-HQ-LEL Zamex Export Limited
2804 24378-HQ-SEL Hamtopfre Mining Company Limited
2805 24665-HQ-LEL Kampoko Resources Ltd
2806 25162-HQ-SEL Brimamwa Mining and Explorations Limited (100%)
2807 25298-HQ-SEL Kabende Phosphates Limited
2808 25338-HQ-SEL Mingi Minerals Limited
2809 25339-HQ-SEL Mingi Minerals Limited
2810 25378-HQ-SEL Kapita Minerals Limited
2811 25060-HQ-SEL ZDP Mineral Resources Limited
2812 25224-HQ-SEL Blue Beam Techniques Limited
2813 25282-HQ-SEL Johowen Contractors and Suppliers Limited
2814 24935-HQ-SEL Liuwa Minerals Limited (100%)
2815 25414-HQ-LEL Fortumax Limited
2816 23930-HQ-SEL Lohas Mining and General Dealers Limited
2817 25218-HQ-SEL Pan Asia Resources Company Limited
2818 21212-HQ-SEL Kayden Investments Limited (100%)

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