Mines Safety

Mines Safety

The Mines Safety Department (MSD) is responsible for all matters pertaining to safety and health of persons employed in Exploration, Mining and Mineral processing operations throughout the Republic of Zambia in line with the provisions of the Mines Minerals Development Act number 7 of 2008.  The department is made up of four Units.  These include the Machinery, Mining, Explosives and Environment and Research Units.

Machinery Unit
The Machinery Section ensures that mining activities that involve the use of both mechanical and electrical equipment are done in line with the provisions of the Mines and Minerals Act and its subsidiary legislation.

Mining Unit
The Mining Section is responsible for carrying out inspections, mining safety audits and risk assessments targeted towards large and small mines in order to enforce Mining and Explosive Regulations.

Explosives Unit
The Explosives Unit is mandated to undertake the inspection of explosives production, handling and utilization.  They are further responsible for sensitization of small-scale miners on small handheld explosives and also the management of explosive audit.

Environmental Unit
The mandate of the Environmental Unit is to achieve sustainable exploration and exploration of mineral resources and achieve an increase in investment and job creation for the maximum benefit of the people of Zambia.