Mineral Export Permit

Mineral Export Permit

Service Name

Issuance of a Mineral Export Permit

Short Description 

Permit for export of minerals, ores or mineral product is issued by the Director of Mines in the prescribed form upon payment of fees.

Full Description

Mining Export Permit is a permit issued to a person or company that intends to export minerals, ores or mineral product. The permit holder should provide full details of the source of mineral(s), quantity to be exported, the estimated value of the export, full address of Importer and mode of shipment. However, those who are involved in mining must ensure that they are up to date with the submission of monthly mineral production returns. While those with authorities to buy minerals must submit, a Mineral Trading Permit, seller’s mining license and proof of production.


Export and Import

Supporting documents

An exporter of minerals, ores or mineral products including samples should submit the following documents;

  1. Invoice(s) from the seller of the mineral.
  2. Mineral Analysis Certificate and Evaluation Report obtainable from the Director of Geological Survey Department
  3. Police Clearance from the town where the mine is situated.
  4. Completed application forms for an export permit obtainable from the Director of Mines.
  5. Mineral Royalty clearance from ZRA



User of the service (Citizen or Organisation)

  • Individual Applicant (Citizen, Resident)
  • Business organization (Business) 


Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development