Mineral Processing License

Mineral Processing License

Service Name

Issuance of Mineral Processing License

Short Description 

A license issued by the Director of Mining Cadastre in the prescribed form upon payment of the prescribed fees for Small Scale and Large Scale exploration.

Full Description

The processing license is issued based on the area of land over which is represented by complete and contiguous Cadastre units and not exceeding seven thousand, four hundred and eighty-five Cadastre units. Further, holder of a mining license for large-scale mining or small-scale mining may construct and operate a mineral processing plant within the licence area without a mineral processing license. 


Mining Exploration 

Supporting documents 

The applicant has title to the land over which the application is made or written consent from the surface right holder or mining right holder, proposed programme of mineral processing operations, proper provision for environmental protection and that the applicant has not contravened any provision of this Mines and Minerals Development Act of 2015 and any other relevant written law. 



User of the service (Citizen or Organisation)

  • Individual Applicant (Citizen, Resident)
  • Business organization (Business) 


Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development