The Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development is responsible for the development and management of mineral resources in a sustainable manner for the benefit of the people of Zambia.

To ensure sustainable mining and petroleum resources production for economic development.
A Smart and Value-centred Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development.
In line with the National Values and Principles as well as pursuant to our mission, the Ministry shall be guided by Six (6) Core Values in its operations and the members of staff, will be expected to exhibit the values in their behavior and conduct. The core values are;

i) Transparency – We uphold transparency by sharing information and effectively communicating with each other and the public.

ii) Accountability – We are responsible for every action taken or not taken in the course of duty and are liable to any consequences.

iii) Integrity – We are honest, morally upright and conduct ourselves beyond reproach.

iv) Patriotism – We put the interest of the citizens first in the management of mineral resources.

v) Objectivity – We are open and base our advice and decisions on unbiased and rigorous analysis of the evidence

vi) Innovativeness – We are open to new ways of doing things in the development of the mining industry